Office 365 and the problem of cost optimization of businesses

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Many businesses in Vietnam have spent a lot of money on the investment of private server systems and internal management software …

However, the large initial investment cost for office applications has become one of the problems, as it directly affects the cash flow of businesses for other business activities.

Not to mention, the use of non-copyrighted software to save costs, will inadvertently cause negative effects on the image and work efficiency of businesses. Or even worse, employees can only use it in office computers, data sharing is difficult, the ability to handle work slowly increases risk, leading to other implications for security …

According to a study published by the National University of Singapore and market research firm International Data Corporation, consumers in Asia and the Pacific have spent about 10.8 billion USD (more than 40% of the world total) on the identification, repair and recovery of data, and the handling of identity theft on pirated software in 2014.

The study also predicts malicious code and data loss costs about $ 229 billion for businesses in the region (more than 45% of the world total).

The demand for connectivity is increasing, businesses need applications with high data synchronization with devices, effective email system management and the ability to work in large groups.

All of this poses a difficult problem for businesses, requiring a solution with reasonable investment costs and high mobility, always ready to operate anytime, anywhere, while ensuring Security and administration are greatly simplified.

Therefore, it is understandable that more and more businesses tend to “go to the cloud” and search for Cloud Service solutions. The inclusion of information technology support services on cloud computing will help businesses operate more efficiently, simplify the management system with a reasonable level of investment and easily reduce the level of investment in information technology depending on the business situation.

In this context, Microsoft is judged to be able to provide an overall cloud computing solution with many utilities, especially copyrighted Office applications.

Microsoft also provides effective services and solutions to help employees collaborate easily. Thanks to the ability to connect and share powerful information with many applications such as Exchange Online, Skype for Business (Lync), SharePoint, One Drive for Business, Yammer, Sway, Video, Delve, … Workflows are closely monitored and visually managed by online services, helping members to grasp progress to quickly complete assigned tasks.

Office 365

Microsoft now offers Office 365 for business solutions with a variety of options. By using subscription-based services, businesses can harness the effectiveness of a range of utility applications from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 will fully integrate from the full Office Pro Plus; Exchange Online (personal information management service / cloud storage message); Skype for Business (online meeting application), Sharepoint Online (internal online business portal), OneDrive for Business (online storage system), Yammer (private business social network), Sway (presentation , create slideshows, share slides quickly); Video with professional sharing system and Virtual Secretary Delve.

Each Office 365 solution package is a solution that represents each business needs. In which Business Essentials package has a starting price of 114,000 VND / month for a user, built-in basic applications like Exchange Email with 50GB capacity, OneDrive for Business 1TB for each user, Skype for Business … .

Users can access familiar web-based office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote … from anywhere and enjoy the full functionality as an offline Office suite.

Microsoft Office 365 features

Microsoft Office 365 features

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