Opus deployed document management system for Vinasoy

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Recently, Opus met and signed a contract with Vinasoy for the purpose of implementing the document management system for their business.

Hệ thống quản lý tài liệu Opus triển khai cho Vinasoy

Hệ thống quản lý tài liệu Opus triển khai cho Vinasoy

Since moving to the sustainable development stage so far, Vietnam Soybean Milk Company -Vinasoy has gradually affirmed the prestige of quality through standard products and is trusted by consumers. Typically, awards and merit certificates have been awarded successively over the past five years as golden imprints motivating the company to make even more effort to deserve the trust of consumers. As the business grows, the number of documents are getting heavier, requiring Vinasoy to have a tool to manage their data more easily.

In today’s digital technology 4.0, applying technology to the mechanisms of operation in each organization is extremely necessary to minimize the amount of work but still optimize the efficiency. Moreover, the introduction of management software into organizations and businesses will also help to build a systematic organization that promotes consistency and accuracy. Understanding this concern, Opus has developed a document management system to help Vinasoy reduce costs, time, and improve productivity.

Document management system of Opus allows users to store large amounts of documents with just one software system, so the “virtual” area that they provide will help organizations and businesses save and store up to millions of different records and documents. Compared to the traditional way of archiving, which causes many errors such as corrupted documents, duplicate files, false information, but the time has passed so long that it is difficult to find and repair, … But all these problems will be resolved thoroughly by the document managment system in managing a large number of files and documents. This is to help organizations and businesses eliminate large archives and instead put the data onto a computer system for easier and more efficient management.

Besides, if you want to find a profile or any other document in the past, using traditional archiving methods will be difficult. Its will be a waste of time to find documents on each bookshelf, while using the archiving software, just a few clicks, some keywords and you can easily find the document you are looking for. Moreover, the software will divide the documents into branches and aggregate into the system, helping the agencies and organizations to consistently keep track of their documentation.

When traditional methods are used extensively, agencies often have to spend a lot of money on space, materials and other basic costs to maintain archives. But with the software system, these costs will be crossed out and replaced by software costs, but it will save a lot more than the cost of traditional storage.

Last but not least, document management system is built on the basis of computerization of data, so they also provide organizations and enterprises with security methods by building login systems using accounts. This will prevent businesses or organizations from leaking data or losing documents as they use traditional methods.

Opus has implemented the document management system for Vinasoy and the system has been in operation since November 2018.

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