Opus Solution helping YKK to implement business process automation

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In May 2018, Opus Solution has launched a new project to help YKK implement some company internal business process automation.

YKK Vietnam was established in 1998, as the 10th Fastening Company in the ASAO (Asean South Asia & Oceania) Region. With the assistance of its valued customers, business partners and employees, they have been expanding their business and they believe that they are able to contribute further to the development to Garment, Shoes, and Luggage Industries in Vietnam.

business process automation

In particular, Opus and YKK signed an agreement to deploy software products and services, specifically as follow:

  • Deploy Office365 environment
  • Sales & Discount Request System
  • Customer Database IBM AS400 Query
  • Web Development Proxy APIs handle queries from SharePoint to the AS400 host on the Azure VM. Essential Requirements: Connection path from Azure VM to DB2 on AS400.
  • Integration and Documentation
  • And existed internal process will be detailed….

The YKK Group (YKK Waikeikei Gurūpu) is a Japanese group of manufacturing companies. As the world’s largest zipper manufacturer, YKK Group is most known for making zippers; however, it also manufactures other fastening products, architectural products, plastic hardware and industrial machinery. YKK produces fasteners and architectural products at 109 YKK facilities in 71 countries worldwide.

YKK is using some existed system and is going to prepare for SharePoint online project as a business collaboration and development platform with a strong focus on using for enterprise content management, communication and workflows as a tool to streamline its business processes.
YKK realizes the importance of collaboration in which its employees can see company information, announcement, company events and share document with each other in a consistent eOffice portal. The following potential issues have been gathered so far:

  • YKK has realized the fact that managing lots of information, document often take time due to lack of a management tool.
  • YKK possesses a very large amount of information that is not well being managed. Its employees very often need to take time to research data without being aware of the fact that their colleagues already have.
  • Employees find information related to specific topic hardly. There is no dynamic tool or robust Search to help in filtering/searching document keyword.
  • There is no automatic business process facilitating the corporate process (e.g. Leave Request Management, Meeting Booking Room…)
  • Business data is not present in a central place where executives are supposed to view

Via this project, Opus Solution will help YKK for

  • Decreased 80% operation time approval process, get more done in the same amount of time, greatly increasing productivity
  • Tracking the progress with status and measure performance of workforce
  • Treamline business processes, ensures that every action is performed identically – resulting in high quality, reliable results
  • Ensures systems run smoothly & efficiently, human mistake are eliminated, best practices are constantly leveraged

As planned, the system will official golive in Aug 2018

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