Customer Service Portal is a next generation business-to-business customer service site that is part of a Digital Workplace. Drive customer self-service with knowledge base, documents, forums, announcements and more, available on the Customer Portal.

Track customers, products, and services to provide better feedback and management with the Customer Service Portal.

What can a live demonstration do for you?

  • Learn why Office 365 and SharePoint are the ideal platforms for your business, teaming up, improving collaboration, enhancing communication, and more.
  • Understand how easy it is to get up and running on Office 365 and SharePoint.
  • Discover the rich ecosystem of Office 365 features, facilitating the collaboration of organizations and teams across different departments with a consistent look.
  • At the end of the live demo, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to take the next step toward business transformation. Most importantly, you will find out why Marketplace is the key to help you saving your money and quite easy to get started.

Customer Focused

Help your customers find the answer they’re looking for faster by empowering them with self-serve tools as a knowledgebase and forum in the Customer Portal. When customers need to submit a support case, doing so is easy by filling out a form on the Customer Portal, or even sending the case by email and web forms. Checking the status of open cases is also easy with the Customer Portal. Let your customers know that you are focused on your customers, with Customer Service Portal.

Track Customers, plus their Products and Services

Track your customers, support tickets, products and services to provide the best possible customer support. Link your knowledge base articles, materials, links, and other self-service resources to products and services to help customers easily find what they need when they need it.

Gain Customer Insight

Improve your customer support with Power BI reporting, letting you know where to focus your time and effort. Make it easy to know when should increase staff, what knowledge base articles to write, and other customer resources to improve customer satisfaction.


Support Tickets

  • Get support ticket from customer portal, web form and email
  • Track ticketing assignments, related customers, products and services
  • See everything in one place with the MyWorkplace dashboard

Customer Self-Service

  • Help customers find answers faster with documentation, forums, and knowledge bases
  • Allows customers to monitor the status of their support cases

Products and Services

  • Keep track of the products and services your company offers and related customer support tickets for them
  • Report on support tickets by product or service

Customer Portal

  • Customers can answer their questions themselves using self-service resources
  • Easily send and check the status of support tickets
  • Keep customers updated with notifications

Staff Portal

  • MyWorkspace dashboard to maximize agent productivity
  • Quickly access important customer and support ticket information from one place
  • Team announcements, documents, and tasks are managed in SharePoint or Group

Native Office 365 & SharePoint

  • Built on SharePoint using lists, libraries and pages
  • 100% customizable by users with permission to use the SharePoint web interface
  • No sample solution
  • Not affected by Office 365 or SharePoint Online changes