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Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends In High Tech Industries For 2019

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So—what exactly is the difference between overall trends in digital transformation and digital transformation trends in high tech industries? Believe it or not, there is a difference—a big one. And it comes down to the solution being offered—vs. the technology being used to provide it. In other words, high tech is not the chatbot; it’s the natural language processing and AI powering that chatbot. It’s not the smart beacon; it’s the IoT network and data processing that makes a real-time connection with customers possible.

Why does it matter? In today’s market, it’s the digital transformation trends in high tech industries that are shaping digital transformation for the rest of us. We all know customer experience drives digital transformation. But how today’s high tech companies choose to fulfill customer demands in this “post-sale, on-demand, attention economy” is what defines the path of transformation for the entire market.

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