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What is a digital transformation strategy?

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It’s easy to become enamored by new technology. The possibilities behind 5G cellular service to transform how we do business are tremendous. When companies are considering how AI technology could improve business process or impact sales and customer service, there’s a tendency to start pulling levers and making changes, and yet every new technology in 2020 and beyond that into the next decade could have far-reaching implications. Read More

Digital Transformation Is Further Along Than You Think

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We have reached an inflection point where business success will be determined not just by sound business thinking but by the use of technology to execute on that thinking in an optimal fashion. Digital transformation is all about thinking and imagining how business models and processes are affected by the application of technologies that, up until a few years ago, were nonexistent in the business world or deemed cost-prohibitive. Read More

What Your Board Needs To Know About Tech Advancement In Digital Transformation

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We talk a lot about key stakeholders in digital transformation. Usually, that means a discussion about members of the C-suite, or other leaders and executives that need to “walk the walk” so employees will get onboard with the change digital transformation inevitably brings. But what about your Board members? For digital transformation to be, well, transformational, board members will need to be fully engaged—and informed—regarding tech advancement, as well. The good news: what your board needs to know about tech isn’t complicated. And it shouldn’t be a hard concept to sell. Read More

Why digital transformation? Challenge vs opportunity

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Why digital transformation? There are challenges, but says Dr Joanne Phoenix, from Sensor City, those who fail to adapt and become digitally-driven will simply fall behind.

The term ‘digital transformation’ has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years and, as with many other technical buzzwords, few know or understand what it means for them. That’s a problem in itself — if a business leader doesn’t fully understand something, or if the benefits aren’t clear, the road to adoption is unlikely to run smoothly.

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