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Digitizing documents, “soft weapons” in the 4.0 era

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Digitizing corporate governance is an indispensable trend in the context of the 4.0 revolution that is making a strong impact on all levels of society. According to IT experts, if it is slow to change or keep up with this trend, businesses will have to pay dearly …

Wave of revolution 4.0

The 4.0 revolution is transforming the whole world and making a strong impact on every corner of life. New concepts such as digital population, digital business, e-office, e-government, and smart city became popular, becoming an inevitable trend.

Not out of trend, Vietnam has many solutions to promote e-Government development, improve the quality and efficiency of state agencies, better serve people and businesse to be more transparency.

In the three years 2015-2017, implementing Resolution 361/2015, Vietnam has focused on promoting administrative reforms in association with strengthening the application of IT in managing and providing online public services, ensuring shortening of regulations process, reduce the number and simplify, standardize the content of the dossier, reduce the time and cost of implementing administrative procedures, make connection and connect the text management software with the Office of the Government , deploying text management software for agencies, businesses, authorities from the central to local levels.

According to IT experts, in order to successfully build e-government, electronic office as well as digital business, the construction of an alternative digital database for traditional databases (hard disk storage data) ) is extremely important.

However, the actual survey shows that the construction of digital databases is still inconsistent, lack of integrated solutions, security and efficient exploitation. This leads to consequences, if the units and the business community do not adapt and prepare immediately, they will miss the opportunity from the 4.0 revolution.

The 4.0 revolution has put great pressure on change. According to economic expert Le Dang Doanh, “this is the motivation to innovate and restructure. Vietnam’s economic growth model has reached its limit. The 4th industrial revolution will create tremendous pressure for reform. There should be mechanisms and policies to support enterprises to catch up and take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges ”.

The problem is that businesses need to quickly adapt to the digital economy, considering the application of digital solutions to business, as simple as digitizing records and documents instead of manual storage.

This became even more important when Bkav’s monitoring system recently discovered more than 1,900 computers in Vietnam infected with WannaCry extortion codes. In particular, there are about 1,600 machines at agencies and businesses and about 300 personal computer users. Because of this danger, many units and ministries have urgently urged the units to urgently make backup copies of important data on computers.

The digitization of documents is also a smart solution to help businesses improve their competitiveness and increase profits.

However, experts also recommend businesses as well as units interested in digitizing documents need to thoroughly understand the information to “choose the right partner”. In fact, the market currently has many advertising units deploying digital document services but not all units have the smartest and most economical solution.

According to a leading expert, businesses and units should choose reputable document digitization service providers were they have already deployed services on a large scale, professional and experienced deployment to ensure the integrity of the document as well as the security of information.

Opus Solution is one of the reputable companies, providing digital solutions for businesses. We have a lot of experience in this field and already deployed for many big customers like Hung Hau Holding, Vinasoy, CP,…One of the best solutions that we provide to customers is Tasken E-office which help customers save costs as well as improve profits by digitizing their business processes.

Tasken Solution developed by Opus Solution

Tasken Solution developed by Opus Solution

If you have more questions or you want more information about our Tasken eOffice solution, you can read more HERE and don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.

Can technology replace human?

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The 4th industrial revolution is slowly changing the way we live; artificial intelligence and automation gradually replace human in many jobs. This is an opportunity but also a big challenge for technology companies.

business process automation

Automation and artificial intelligence are growing minute by minute

We are living in the most turbulent times, when automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are completed and developed minute by minute. Most recently, AI made people startled by winning the world chess champion and another AI even made a hair cut appointment after a long conversation.

Amazon has more than 100,000 robots working in warehouses around the world. In the near future, the company plans to replace all employees performing repetitive tasks with robots. At Foxconn, which manufactures equipment for Apple, Samsung and Microsoft, has replaced 60,000 workers with robots. The company expects to automate all of its repetitive tasks.

A paper published by points out that automation and new technologies are changing the nature of many jobs, as well as creating new jobs that have never existed before. The MCKinsey Global Institute (MGI) predicts that if automation becomes the focus of the revolution, about 15 percent of global workforce equivalent to 400 million workers will be replaced by 2030. However, new careers in the digital age are expected to require a new workforce of between 8 and 9%.

In practice in Vietnam, we have implemented many administrative procedures over the Internet instead of directly go to the administrative agencies, for booking cars through smart applications such as Grab, Goviet or other services. This is also the same when we mention about online banking.

Technology will certainly go far, but it is hard to replace human in particular jobs

Technology experts have confirmed that in many industries, the machine can never replace humans in the future. Similarly, not all interactions can be made mechanically if the main goal is to provide a personalized and interactive customer experience. Machines can perform repetitive and basic tasks but can not provide in-depth technical knowledge. Therefore, those companies that focus on deep technical support and excellent product expertise and customer experience will continue to thrive.


As a technology support service provider, Opus Solution has always identified people and technology that can perfectly match with each other. Technology plays a supporting role, providing timely data, helping employees serve customers around the world better. Relying on technology, the technical staff easily communicates with customers and supports them effectively on experiences that can not be replaced by machines or robots.

Opus Solution provide solutions such as: Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Cloud that related to business processes, helping them in data digitalization, Process automation, improve the quality of work for the business. At present, we are developing a new solution, called Tasken, to assist enterprises in processes such as KPI management, proposed system, budget management, …

Tasken Solution developeb by Opus Solution

Tasken Solution developeb by Opus Solution

For customers who want to explore and deploy our solutions, please do not hesitate and contact us to experience the wonderful things that digital transformation brings to your businesses.