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Office 365 and the problem of cost optimization of businesses

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Many businesses in Vietnam have spent a lot of money on the investment of private server systems and internal management software …

However, the large initial investment cost for office applications has become one of the problems, as it directly affects the cash flow of businesses for other business activities.

Not to mention, the use of non-copyrighted software to save costs, will inadvertently cause negative effects on the image and work efficiency of businesses. Or even worse, employees can only use it in office computers, data sharing is difficult, the ability to handle work slowly increases risk, leading to other implications for security …

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Reinventing New Way of Work – Microsoft 365 Business Launch

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Dear Value Partner,

A single solution, purpose-built for your business.

The SMB workplace is continuously changing where the new culture of work involves teams that are more collaborative, mobile, and prone to cyber-attacks. How do you then ensure that your company has the tools to streamline collaboration, support your employees remotely, and protect your business from internal and external threats?

Join us and meet Microsoft 365 Business, an integrated solution that brings together productivity tools, security, and device management that will enable you to bring your business fully to the cloud delivering the best that Microsoft has to offer to run and grow your business.

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