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Evolving From Digital Transformation To Intelligence Transformation

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Businesses are always absorbing new technology. Whether it is electricity, motorized power, assembly lines or the internet, the competitive nature of markets creates the capital motions that propel businesses to absorb new technology or be left behind. Absorbing new technology requires that executive leadership teams reflect on the optimal balance between protecting a business’s propensity to win and leveraging its capacity for change. Once a target balance of winning while changing has been defined, the business then goes on the journey to transform. Read More

Digital Transformation: 12 Big Ways A CMO’s Role Is Evolving

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Aside from a wealth of creative ideas and deep design and branding experience, today’s CMO must possess digital expertise—not only to build strong brands and drive engagement, but also to leverage their unique position in the C-suite. To prove their team’s effectiveness at executing the organization’s marketing strategy (and thus secure the budget needed to continue doing so), the ability to understand and leverage website data, for example, is an essential skill for a CMO to hone. Read More

Five Questions That Determine Where AI Fits In Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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Covid-19 accelerated corporate investment in the digitization of customer and employee experience, which is unlike anything I’ve seen in my 25-year career in digital transformation. Large companies took on an average of 20 initiatives costing at least $1 million in 2023 alone, according to the results of our latest research, and decision-makers expect to take on even more of these types of projects in the next few years. Read More