Are managers ready for digital transformation in their business?

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Digital innovation is a top priority for managers and is also an important factor for businesses worldwide to better compete and achieve future goals.

In fact, businesses in all industries have benefited tremendously from digitization.


What to do to digitize business?
What digital solutions are needed for businesses today?
How to invest in IT infrastructure for both saving and efficiency?

Understanding these concern, Opus Solution is hornored to collaborate with Microsoft & Softline to organize the event: “What do managers need to digitize their business?


In the trend of integration today, the “digitization” in management will help businesses save costs, time, personnel, to increase competitiveness and maximize profits. On this basis, the promotion of information technology (IT) has been identified as an important factor. Enterprise investment in technology is necessary, almost mandatory, to shorten work time, increase control over work, limit risk, and thereby increase competitiveness. However, businesses need to determine their goals, needs and capabilities to equip appropriate solutions and avoid waste. The problem of investment cost for technology should be considered thoroughly by the leaders for optimal efficiency.

In a challenging market economy, in order to improve its competitiveness, enterprises must strive to improve the management process in order to make the most use of resources. Especially for large corporations, controlling resources for managers is very important.

In the “flat world” trend, information is the key asset of the business. Opportunity to get information in the fastest, most accurate way will be the key to the success of the business. The application of software solutions to the management of business operations of the business becomes the optimal solution to address that need.

The software will help managers to get accurate and timely information on the performance of enterprises through statistical tools, analysis and ability to retrieve and search with data arising in real time.

With the economy growing steadily, the scale of many businesses is expanding, which means the increased complexity of the professionals for all departments from business, marketing, project, finance – accounting. , administrative personnel … This is also a big difficulty when many companies have specific problems of the industry. By each area, each business has different characteristics that require different management requirements.

However, in practice, in many Vietnamese enterprises, the application of technology for management is still very limited. Many surveys conducted on the application of technology in management and production of enterprises have shown that many business leaders are not fully aware of the role of technology and do not incorporate digital applications with the restructuring of production, business and management innovation.

Therefore, this event is considered as a place where experts have exchanged views on their expertise in applying digital technology to business in Vietnam, recognizing the challenges and identifying the opportunities offered by digital transformation.


In addition, Opus Solution, as a Microsoft partner, had a opportunity to introduce to Vietnamese enterprises the solution based on Microsoft technology to help businesses: improve digital workflow; analyze and evaluate real-time business indicators and improve sales performance. More prominently is the Tasken solution being developed by Opus Solution.

Tasken Solution developeb by Opus Solution

Tasken Solution developed by Opus Solution


Mr Nguyen Hoang Nhut, CEO of Opus Solution was also honored to be introduced to businesses about the Business Digital Transformation & Practical experience, showed them how they can digitalize their enterprise in step-by-step manner, as well as the actual situation that may arise in practice and how to solve it.

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This event is a great opportunity for Opus Solution to meet and discuss with big technology companies such as Microsoft, Softline,.. as well as introduce our new solution to Vietnamese enterprises, helping them get more experience and knowledge to prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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