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Techcom Securities and Thien Minh Group on the afternoon of December 28, 2018 shared a talk about the successes of the digital transformation journey with support from Microsoft.

Digital transformation in securities finance industry

After a long time testing the Microsoft Azure platform, Techcom Securities (TCBS) decided to use Microsoft’s cloud service. In addition to the visualization capabilities of Power BI, cloud solutions support TCBS in analyzing in-depth and multi-layer data, thereby developing a system of management reports on a regular and continuous basis in real time. This makes an important contribution to the company when making timely strategic business decisions.

The Azure platform is friendly both in terms of user interface and experience, so the development process is very flexible and easy. Azure also works well with many programming languages, so Techcom Securities’ research and development teams can actively integrate or edit based on their needs.

Using Azure also brings positive experiences for Techcom Securities customers when the company’s services are adjusted and improved promptly, thereby better serving their needs.

In the near future, Azure Machine Learning along with solutions developed specifically for businesses will increase the efficiency of analysis and data exploitation for TCBS. Since then, the company will have more in-depth information to be ready to catch up with the trend, develop products and services closer to the financial needs of each individual customer.

“We see Azure as a user-friendly platform and we appreciate Microsoft’s overall vision of cloud computing as well as the level of data security Azure provides. Azure brings better machine learning solutions, and we are very impressed with the information and visualization capabilities of Microsoft Power BI, ”said Mr. Tran Ha Thanh – Technology Manager of Techcom Securities.


Digital transformation in Tourism and Hospitality industry

The second success story is Thien Minh Group, one of the leading corporations in the field of Tourism and Hospitality in Vietnam.

“The Vietnamese tourism market has made a lot of changes due to the participation of foreign companies in this field, they have applied the progress of digital transformation into operation for a long time. We understand that digital transformation is a vital requirement and Thien Minh Group is ready for the early digital transformation. We have long been looking forward to forming an intelligent travel data exchange system, thereby creating added value for iVIVU.com’s tourism products and services for our customers. Investment in digital transformation is an investment in the interests of our customers’ experience”, said Mr.Nguyen Trung Cong – Thien Minh Technology Director and Deputy General Director.

Thien Minh is currently applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide appropriate automatic suggestions for customers using iVIVU.com website, based on the history of service usage and customer search behavior.

According to Mr. Cong, the decision to invest in technology is the right investment decision, especially if that decision is to bring satisfaction to customers.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning will take time to collect data as well as improve operations to produce accurate results. We believe that in the near future, our customers will enjoy the best possible personalization experience”, said Mr. Cong.

Thien Minh representative added that the company intends to expand this AI application on all of the group’s restaurant and hotel chains.

Microsoft Azure cloud platform


Not merely a data storage platform, Microsoft Azure owns more than 200 services to help businesses improve productivity, revenue and save costs. According to statistics, 90% of businesses in the Fortune 500 have chosen Microsoft Azure for their digital transformation process.

Existing services vary from infrastructure to platform: virtual servers, hosting services, web services, application development, mobile, security, IoT, big data, analytical technologies premium, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, etc …

With the criterion of “customer data safety is important”, Microsoft Azure is built and developed according to strict standards of data safety and information security. Microsoft Azure has been recognized by US organizations and businesses as the “most trusted cloud” with over 70 different certifications. Microsoft Azure is also the first cloud computing service to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A highlight of Microsoft Azure is flexibility. Enterprises can choose a hybrid cloud deployment model: a part of the application will be deployed in the customer database, and a part will be deployed on the public cloud platform, aimed at taking advantage of the initial available investments of customers, while still being able to experience the most advanced technologies on public cloud computing.


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