Ebook – 9 myths about moving to the cloud

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Most small and medium-size businesses need the agility and cost savings that come with switching to Microsoft Office 365. But with the contradictory information out there, not many understand what making the switch to the cloud really means.

Office 365 provides a vast number of features that skyrocket productivity, give security extra punch, and enable agility — all while saving money. But unfortunately, a lot of businesses are hesitant about working in the cloud because of old perceptions that simply aren’t true.

Download the “9 myths about moving to the cloud” e-book to learn the truth and crack the code on updating how your business functions. You’ll unravel the common misperceptions and see just how easy it can be to start taking advantage of all Office 365 has to offer.

After all, some myths were meant to be busted.

Follow this myth busting guide to get the facts on Office 365
Myth 1 – Complex migration
Myth 2 – Unprotected
Myth 3 – No privacy
Myth 4 – Hardware headaches
Myth 5 – Option-less
Myth 6 – Online only
Myth 7 – It’s the same old Skype
Myth 8 – Email is email
Myth 9 – Incompatible

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