How To Scale Up Digital Transformation Efforts

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Efforts to scale up your digital transformation efforts will often involve many roadblocks. Because digital transformation is about improving the way you operate at a deep level across your company, it’s only natural for that to happen. If that’s the case, you might be asking yourself: Why go through all the hassle?

The reason is your customers. Customers drive digital transformation by constantly rushing to new technologies while developing new needs. That rush for value has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and what’s available, thus sparking a revolution in fields like:

• Mobile devices.

• Cloud computing.

• AI and machine learning adoption.

• Social media.

• Internet of Things (IoT).

This is forcing companies to adapt to all of those technological developments to better serve their customers. That’s what digital transformation is all about!


So, how do you scale your digital transformation efforts to meet such a fast-paced revolution? Here are some tried-and-tested methods that, in my experience, won’t fail you.

Revisit Your Business Strategy

Many business leaders approach scaling digital transformation efforts with these two strategies:

• Adopting a holistic approach to digital transformation and seeing the big picture of their companies’ operations.

• Starting from the ideal customer experience and reverse-engineering it.

With the holistic view, company leaders can see a broader picture. Looking at your company as a whole and being aware of what departments are falling behind with digital transformation and which weaknesses need addressing are part of this perspective. This means that you should focus on being more conscious and analyzing your company’s digital transformation goals to better serve your customers.

The second approach means envisioning the most perfect customer experience of your brand. When you define what that experience looks like, you go backward and scale already existing digital efforts to lead to that ideal.

Make Your Cloud Work Process Hybrid

Using a hybrid cloud approach is the next step to scaling your digital transformation efforts. To quote Google’s definition: “A hybrid cloud is a mixed computing environment where applications are run using a combination of computing, storage, and services in different environments.” In other words, it’s when public and private clouds meet in one space sharing a uniform infrastructure.

But what does it mean for your customers? A hybrid cloud usually offers better performance and low latency, enabling a no-lag experience for distributed apps even if they’re in remote locations. This can enhance your company’s efficiency and help you provide a better customer experience.

Make Room For Blockchain Integration

Remember that man who spent 10,000 bitcoin to buy two pizzas? Blockchain transactions are the new shiny thing businesses want to have, and I don’t blame them. It helps bring data transparency to a level never imagined before while maintaining data integrity.


That’s one thing you want when scaling digital transformation efforts. When dealing with supply chains and borderless financial systems, blockchain technology enables close-to-zero breaches and high resiliency, making your efforts worth the hassle.

Turn Automation Smarter With AI

The world has coded AI algorithms to assist us with soul-sucking processes and customer relations. Even though AI automation algorithms aren’t capable of learning and mimicking human decision-making, they’re already proving themselves to be worthy allies in our fight for efficiency. Adding AI into automation helps drive innovative solutions and personalize customer experiences and conversations while learning from examples and boosting your company’s workflow.

Align Your Company Culture With Your New Digital Efforts

Corporate leaders don’t drive digital transformation in their workforce. It’s the other way around—how your employees feel about digital transformations dictates the scalability of your efforts. Think about it. We’re now living in an age when the workforce’s needs and wants are defining how companies operate, from engagement models such as remote work to tech platforms that boost efficiency.

This is a shift you need to acknowledge when strategizing your digital transformation. Aligning your digital dreams with how your team feels about them can take you a long way. So, you should really ask yourself these questions: What new technologies are your employees following and using? Will adding them to your current digital efforts foster better customer experiences and employee satisfaction?

Roadblocks When Scaling Digital Transformation

Now you know some ways to scale your digital transformation efforts and improve customer experiences through innovation. But there may be some pitfalls waiting for you down the road, including:

• Adding AI And Automation Where It Doesn’t Belong: Your employees and customers don’t need AI just for the sake of it. They want smarter workflows, high-value information and helpful resources. The main point here is to scale only where it matters.

• Being Slow To Deal With Change: The better your business adapts to change, the better your digital transformation efforts become. Effectively coping with changes when pushing to microservices, adjusting the modernization of your cloud computing to run on a leaner infrastructure or adapting new AI-based operations helps make you resilient and quick on your feet.


• Building Walls That Make It Harder To Scale: Striving to send your digital transformation efforts sky-high while keeping your resources and information under a lock is a terrible strategy. Data is the king of digital transformation, so the more you open your doors to on-demand access to resources, the better your ecosystem of new software will grow.

Create A Roadmap For Your Digital Efforts

A roadmap when scaling your digital transformation efforts is more important than ever. Make sure that it considers AI automation, hybrid cloud computing, company culture adaptation and improved business strategies. Otherwise, your digital efforts will become a waste of resources.

Scaling digital transformation efforts isn’t a final destination your business should strive for. It’s a journey—a messy one with its own risks and perks that you’ll have to continually sort out to truly experience the potential of digital solutions.

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