How to significantly increase your productivity with Microsoft 365 tools

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Microsoft 365 It offers a suite of feature-rich programs that integrate seamlessly within your organization’s ecosystem. Work from home, hybrid office, and extensive WFA (work from anywhere) Policies, a central program that integrates distributed teams are even more important. Microsoft 365 tools also offer robust options to meet the diverse needs of today’s employees.

Besides other solutions of Microsoft such as Azure Solutions, Power BI development, Microsoft 365 is also an outstanding technology solution that many companies desperately need to help them support their daily tasks.

Whether you’re new to Microsoft 365 tools, switching from another enterprise service, or an experienced user, it’s always helpful to brush up on specific tips and tricks that can improve your daily productivity.

Microsoft 365 tools to take your business to the next level

The following Microsoft 365 tools improve workflows, increase efficiency, and enable distributed teams to maximize collaboration.

  1. Improve communication with Microsoft Teams.

  2. Fight inbox fatigue in Outlook.

  3. Activate taking notes in OneNote.

  4. Create master content and collaborate with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Read on to learn how each of these Microsoft Office365 Vietnam tools can take your business to the next level.


1. Improve communication with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Is a chat-based workspace with messaging, calling, and video conferencing capabilities. The team acts as a communication hub and project manager. Over the past year, the world has relied heavily on the use of video conferencing, and Microsoft has evolved the Teams platform to meet the needs of its users. Virtual small meeting room And Together mode screen..

The messaging platform allows users to name conversation threads and organize them by topic, similar to the popular chat program Slack.

Microsoft 365 tools such as Word and Outlook are available within the dashboard. This feature is useful if you’re video chatting with a colleague and want to quickly browse a document or flag an item for follow-up in Outlook.

Another Recent developments Ability to share files via your Teams account and Microsoft OneDrive. This also allows users to save recordings of meetings and calls within OneDrive.

Good luck for anyone using multiple external services and tools. The team will also provide Connector with popular business apps For dynamic project management. Notable programs that can connect to your Teams account include Zoom, Google Analytics, Evernote, GitHub, Asana, Salesforce, Survey Monkey, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

2. Fight inbox fatigue in Outlook

According to research, the inbox is Overwhelming source of stress And can be used after hours Affects overall well-being.. New research We also found that when email usage during COVID surges, email can cause distress to employees, causing negative emotions, uncertainty, and even sleep effects. .. In addition, Sanebox We found that only 38% of the average inbox email was relevant or important. All signs show the importance of email management, especially for mental health. In addition, by reducing the number of emails and improving your workflow, you can free up valuable time and focus on higher-level tasks.


Clutter Is an optional feature in Outlook that sorts low priority messages from your inbox. Users can choose to automatically send the email to the clutter folder or leave it in their inbox and label it as a clutter. The clutter feature is adaptive and analyzes the user’s email behavior and reading habits to determine which email is important. This means that the longer you use this intuitive feature, the more effective it will be.

Another useful Outlook tool Ignore features.. We’ve all dealt with it — horrifying replies that have nothing to do with you all email chains. If you always see long distribution emails with no important information at all, try the Outlook “Ignore Conversations” option. This feature not only removes unwanted email conversations from your inbox, but also silences future conversations.

3. Activate taking notes in OneNote

OneNote Is a digital note-taking program with both typing and handwriting notes. Users can also record audio, create simple sketches, and upload and annotate images.

Like most interactive notebook programs, the true power of OneNote comes from Microsoft 365 integration. Scenario Example — During a call, open OneNote and write down high-level details. When you hang up, the handwritten notes will be translated into text. Then quickly convert your notes to a task list. Add a colleague as a collaborator, add an Outlook flag, set a reminder, link the task to an appointment in the Outlook calendar for follow-up, and finish.

With access to all Microsoft 365 tools in OneNote, users can easily convert their notes into executable tasks.

4. Create master content and collaborate with Word, Excel and PowerPoint

The consistent evolution of Microsoft 365 tools and the growing popularity of competitors Google Drive have enabled powerful collaboration capabilities. Word, Excel, PowerPoint Allow users to co-author Documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint files.


Co-editing is a powerful tool.

Distributed teams can collaborate with multiple contributors to review edits in real time and add suggestions and comments. When working with many stakeholders, feedback in one central location can save you time.

You can enable autosave depending on your workflow. This saves each iteration of the file. If you need to view the previous version to see what you’re doing before editing, you can access it in your version history. This is useful if you want to submit a document, the editor makes a copy edit, and wants to compare the original work with the final product.

Another exciting update Dictation function This allows you to use voice technology within Word. If you’re a multitasker there, or if you want to tape meeting notes, or just record and post audio, this feature will make your job easier.

Ready to get to work?

Most professionals can spend extra time throughout the day to increase efficiency, especially for WFH and distributed teams. The overall goal of Microsoft 365 tools is team productivity and connectivity. Proper use of the program generally accomplishes that, but when it comes to saving time, even small tools can have a big impact.

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