Introduction of e-office software system

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1. About eOffice: an electronic software which helps to convert your office into E-office.

eOffice is a software solution that is used to share information, conduct business and manage documents, papers, and job profiles on a computer network. The software is designed with a friendly interface for users. The goal of eOffice is to gives users most of the benefits of a computer network but with a natural approach that helps the users gradually have a modern, efficient working style that easily accesses to more information technology applications. eOffice changes the way we distribute documents and traditional tasks with a modern solution: From our computers, we update the documents and distribute them to the departments. Leadership of departments review the dispatch and division of work to the staff. Search aggregate documents quickly by type, book, number of documents, agencies promulgated …

At present, Opus Solution is deploying an electronic office solution, known as Tasken, with a full range of solutions to help your business move towards a professional, modern working environment.

Tasken Solution developeb by Opus Solution

Tasken Solution developeb by Opus Solution

2. The goal of Tasken eOffice

Our goal is to build a system of electronic dispatch centers, to overcome the situation of scattered and misleading information. Provides information on documents and work files to meet the requirements of leaders, managers and professional staff quickly, accurately, fully and in time. Set up a management system, process and issue official dispatchs, documents, support the ability to distribute workflow, permission for each individual and department. Tasken eOffice provides users with remote working capabilities that users can access at any location with an Internet connection. Our system build a paperless office, help leaders communicate with staff, departments in the agency quickly, timely; helps the user to schedule appointments, automatically reminders when it comes to the time of the job through the computer. At the same time through this system, agency leaders can assign work to employees and receive feedback from those jobs; establishing a system of information exchange to help officials and experts in the agency can exchange information directly; provides users with most of the benefits of computer networking but with the most natural approach to solve work at the office, improving the quality and efficiency of work; improve the level of application and use of IT tools, create a modern and effective working environment in the network environment and use electronic information that make positive changes in information processing; handle the work of leaders, staff in the agency, contribute to the implementation of administrative reform.

Creating an environment for the exchange of ideas, discussions, sharing information widely, promptly, fully and timely, contributing very positively to the development of corporate culture. People will communicate and understand each other, leaders can communicate their will to the staff more easily.

Document Management System - One of the applications of Tasken eOffice

Document Management System – One of the applications of Tasken eOffice

3. Benefits of eOffice


  • Operate and manage remotely, anytime, anywhere
  • Manage the assigned tasks in a clear and transparent manner
  • Capture complete information, make the right decision
  • To create a democratic and open work environment.


  • Easily manage, lookup, search for documents related to the job being handled
  • Quick cover task assigned by leader
  • Report work timely
  • Easily schedule personal tasks …


  • Easy document distribution
  • Easy to manage, look up information when needed.
  • Supports printing of text reports, bookkeeping
  • Transmit announcements, directives of leaders to the department quickly, timely …

4. Highlights

  • Built on Portal & Collaboration Technology: MS Sharepoint
  • A comprehensive platform for deploying, integrating multiple applications
  • Scalability both in application and scale
  • Easy to handle, quickly capture the information to processTightly integrates with Microsoft Office, Windows Explore
  • Business Process Automation – Easily customize the process
  • Easily integrate with other systems
  • Safe, secure

5. Features highlights

Document Management: The Document Management Module includes job record management (word processing) and dispatch management. This module ensures the computerization of most of the process of assigning tasks, processing dispatch in a convenient, fast and accurate way.

Task management: This is a tool that helps managers organize and operate their business processes in a certain way. From the stage manager assign tasks to employees, employees then take the job then report status, results of work … Use this function to monitor and control ongoing or out of date work in a rigorous and scientific manner.

Workflow: The process is designed for repetitive tasks that comply with company policies and reduce time and costs. The development of electronic processes to control work in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures is guaranteed even when the process participant is not present at the office. The steps in the process will be defined by the enterprise in accordance with the policies of your business.

Human resources management: Human Resource Management software provides a comprehensive HR management solution, including full organizational structure development features: Recruitment, Training, Employee Profile Management, policy, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, income tax,…

KPI report: The KPI report allows the creation of KPI report templates, the members send reports from time to time according to the form provided by the report.

If you have more questions or you want more information about our Tasken eOffice solution, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.

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