Kaizala is Coming to Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft, a leader in communication and collaboration solutions, announced its plans to bring the Kaizala mobile chat app to Microsoft Teams in April. The company has revealed that the first few capabilities for Kaizala would be appearing in Microsoft Teams in the coming weeks, with the intention of making Teams better than ever.

The new features will be based on the action cards for surveys and quick polls in Kaizala, which will be available in both the mobile and desktop app going forward.

Introducing Polls and Surveys

With Kaizala you’ll be able to send quick polls to team members and receive responses immediately. This will help companies to get a response to a question quickly and easily. Additionally, poll owners can set due dates for responses, setting notification options like “daily digest” for a regular progress report, or “consistent updates” as soon as responses are delivered.

If responses to the polls in your Microsoft Teams channels are low, then poll owners will be able to send channel-wide reminders. The poll owners will also be able to set preferences for visibility into their results. This will mean that channel members can potentially view live results, and poll outcomes will be able to be shared and saved outside of the channel as a visual report.

Alternatively, surveys make it easier for Microsoft Teams users to share questions with added response options like ratings, text, multiple-choice and dates/times. For instance, senior leadership groups could gather information on a quarterly company meeting by sending surveys to all attendees with a specific question type.

As with polls, survey owners in Microsoft Teams will be able to set specific deadlines for responses, choose notification options, set preferences for result visibility, and send reminders to drive participation. When permitted, channel members will be able to persistently view results and share visual reports of the outcomes.

Coming Next

Microsoft has already announced that quick polls and surveys are just some of the first capabilities that will be appearing in Teams. Over the course of the next year, Microsoft will be continuing to add new Kaizala Pro capabilities into the Teams environment, including:

  • New built-in action cards
  • Non-AAD phone number sign-in
  • Teams open directory
  • Hierarchical groups
  • Support for custom action cards
  • Hub and spoke groups

Check out our recent articles about developments at this years Microsoft Ignite event for more information about what’s coming to Microsoft Teams this year.

As Microsoft continues to integrate the Kaizala and Teams experience, the company will ultimately overtake the Microsoft Kaizala experience entirely. For the time being, Kaizala is still available as a stand-alone solution.


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