MoU signed to foster cooperation between Opus Solution and RMIT

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On February 20/2019, Opus Solution and RMIT Vietnam Finance Club held a signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The signing ceremony laid the first foundation for the upcoming exchange and cooperation activities on education between the two sides.

OPUS SOLUTION specializes in technology solution advisory and Enterprise Planning Softwares, currently deploying a plan to build technological infrastructure that serves educational purpose and provide well-known firms in Vietnam with Enterprise Management solutions.

RMIT Vietnam Finance Club is a non-profit Organisation which was established with the mission to connect students with the Industry and provide them with opportunities to enhanece skills, knowledge and network to better prepare for future careers in the Finance Industry.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Nguyen Cong Toan – General Director of Opus Solution and Mr. Tran Ho Hai – RMIT Finance Club President with some representatives of both parties.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Toan - General Director of Opus Solution and Mr. Tran Ho Hai - RMIT Finance Club President

Mr. Nguyen Cong Toan – General Director of Opus Solution and Mr. Tran Ho Hai – RMIT Finance Club President

Both sides want to establish this partnership in order to help improve efficiency in students education as well as improve students organizations’ ability to host events whereby Opus Solution will create an official website for RMIT Finance Club including an exclusive section for RMIT Research Challenge with a warranty of 1 year guaranteed by OPUS as well as provide RMIT Finance Club with Tasken Support Package – a software for Project management. OPUS will also provide RMIT Finance Club and RMIT in general the Agile model for project management.

In addition, OPUS will also provide advisory services for RMIT Finance Club to organize the RMIT Research Challenge 2019 successfully. To be more specific, OPUS will support RMIT Finance Club in providing technological solutions as well as project management procedure on dedicated software throughout the duration of RMIT Research Challenge 2019 which will take place from 16.03.2019 to 11.05.20 at RMIT University.

RMIT VIETNAM RESEARCH CHALLENCE (RRC) is an annual equity research competition organised by RMIT Vietnam Finance Club. Students wlll participate in team of 3-5 membbers. With the assistance of assigned mentors, participating teams wIll construct research of a listed company and will then present their findings via reports and presentations.

These are just the first steps in the cooperation of education between the two sides. In the near future, to develop further, the two sides agreed on the plan to implement internship programs where Opus will accept students from RMIT to have their internship and experience the working environment at our company.

In addition, the two sides will also exchange and develop plans for programs to work together in vocational guidance, training and skill development activities for RMIT students. Besides, based on the semester activity plan of RMIT students, Opus will arrange and send our representatives to participate in important school activities such as seminars, counseling, vocational guidance for RMIT students.

Opus will also contribute to the Scholarship Fund for students with outstanding academic achievements or to fund academic activities for RMIT students such as academic competitions, skills training courses, seminars.

Representatives of both parties took a joint picture

Representatives of both parties took a joint picture

With the practical contents of the MOU, the cooperation program has opened up opportunities for exchange and enhancement of academic in promoting each party’s own strengths. In the coming time, two parties will regularly meet, exchange and promote the signed terms soon to become a reality. At the same time, Opus Solution and RMIT Finance Club will constantly expand and develop cooperative programs in the areas of mutual interest.

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