Opus Solution officially put the eOffice System into operation for Masan

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Last week, Opus Solution conducted user training about the eOffice system and officially put the the system into operation for Masan.

Working with a large corporation like Masan is not only a great opportunity for us to gain more experience, but also a challenge. Opus is not afraid of difficulties, but we always consider it a great honor because our goal is to help businesses move towards digital transformation, improving their business performance while saving costs, in the context of digital transformation being the concern of many businesses, not only in Vietnam but also around the world.

Masan Group Corporation was incorporated in November 2004 under the name Ma San Shipping Corporation. The name was formally changed to Masan Group Corporation in July 2015 in order to be consistent with their corporate brand and practice.


Currently, Masan gathers FMCG production platforms (Masan Consumer Holdings, Masan MEATLife), distributed directly to customers by the WinCommerce retail system (WCM) – leading the country in number of points of sale, expanding into the field of F&B and telecommunications through controlling shares in Phuc Long, Mobicast.

The presence in many fields gives Masan a large customer base: 98% of Vietnamese families have at least one Masan product, 9 million loyal customers at WCM, nearly 5 million users with good income from Techcombank. In addition, there are young people with a modern lifestyle from Phuc Long and the ability to reach millions of consumers from strategic off-to-online partners, including Lazada.

Masan is a multi-industry corporation, so the number of employees will also be very large, the workload will also grows in size and the internal processes will also be more complicated. Understanding this problem, Opus Solution consulted and implemented an eOffice system for Masan, including more modules to match the reality at Masan, as well as adding many improved features.

Enterprise Approval Management System

Enterprise Approval Management System

Modules of the eoffice system that Opus has deployed for Masan to match the reality at this enterprise with more than 1300 employees:

  • DMS
  • Project Management
  • Car booking
  • Document Approval
  • Payment/Prepayment Approval
  • Employee Offboarding
  • Capex/Capex Disposal
  • Promotion
  • Contract Approval
  • Scheme
  • SMOS
  • Asset Transfer

Document management system of Opus allows users to store large amounts of documents with just one software system, so the “virtual” area that they provide will help organizations and businesses save and store up to millions of different records and documents.

Work often needs to be approved by managers and directors in every organization before it can formally begin or move to the next step. Because approval processes can be complex and change many times throughout a lifetime of organization, businesses are wise to adopt an approval system that consolidates their approval processes, can be easily amended and updated if they change management, and makes the process of approvals smoother overall.

The Approval System – part of the Tasken eOffice Solution – is a system that manage team approval requests in one place and customize exactly who needs to action an approval for a more efficient business. This system helps to setup approval workflows to get requests in the hands of the right people at the right time. Information relevant to the task is available in one place, and keeping on top of deadlines is easier, as the system sends notifications and email reminders at specific times and to the people involved, so there’s no need to do that manually.

Approval system is invaluable if your enterprise wants to be run more effectively and remove bottlenecks in its operations.

Users training

Users training

As a Vietnam business consultant, Opus Solution hopes to have the opportunity to cooperate with companies, especially in the context that businesses are gradually moving towards digital transformation. When working with us, you can rest assured, we always make sure the product delivered to you is the best product. Not only accompanying your company in the cooperation process, we will also continue to be by your side in the later stages to support the warranty, advise on solutions to make our relationship progress well and continued to achieve success in the future.

Tasken eOffice is an enterprise platform easy-to-use, online company task management software, that will enable your company to be more productive than ever. Available modules such as HRM, BPA/BPM, Project management, CRM… are ready for deployed and integrated with company existed tools, Tasken provides access to task lists at any time, from anywhere. Developed, operated and owned by OPUS SOLUTION

More detail about this solution: You can visit here https://tasken.io


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