Tasken is now available on Microsoft’s app store

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Tasken – A product of Opus Solution for project management system with Microsoft Office365 is now available on Microsoft’s app store. For more information, please visit HERE.

Tasken eOffice – Enterprise working management solutions, KPI and internal business processes management and more… Tasken Project Management makes it easier to keep track of what’s there to do. With the deadlines set, you can easily prioritize those tasks that needs to be done first and not miss out on anything. This is the new way for teams to get results, work together on your projects timeline schedule, start and follow up working progress, join team conversations and move things forward.

In the era of digital transformation, to compete, businesses need to change and develop. Opus Solution’s Tasken product was created to support businesses to perform such tasks easily, simply and more efficiently.

Tasken Solution developed by Opus Solution

Tasken Solution developed by Opus Solution

Tasken provides a full range of solutions to help your business move towards a professional, modern working environment.

  • Tasken EMS (Internation information and news)
  • Tasken RMS (Request management system)
  • Tasken KPI (KPI driven management system)
  • Tasken PRM (Payment request management system)
  • Tasken DMS (Document management system)
  • Tasken Helpdesk (Helpdesk support system)
  • Tasken Leave (Leave request management)
  • Tasken Budget (Budget planing and monitoring)
  • Tasken CRM (Customer & sale management)
  • Tasken EIM (Eletronic invoice collecting & management)
  • Tasken ATS (Attendance tracking – Location checkin/checkout)
  • Tasken ECM (Contract management system)
  • Tasken IA (Enterpirse information architecture management)

Tasken’s key functionalities:

  • Centralization management of company running project, unique all tasks and implementation progress.
  • Manage project profile, timeline and documentation such as planing project, related document
  • Easy partition project type and search by keyword when required.
  • High available system requires always must be online and accessable everywhere.
  • Management project’s progress buy gantt chart, calendar, Kanban board.
  • Allow user synchronize all project tasks to Outlook and mobile devices.
  • Security protection for any project information

Our goal is to build a system of electronic dispatch centers, to overcome the situation of scattered and misleading information. Provides information on documents and work files to meet the requirements of leaders, managers and professional staff quickly, accurately, fully and in time. Set up a management system, process and issue official dispatchs, documents, support the ability to distribute workflow, permission for each individual and department. Tasken eOffice provides users with remote working capabilities that users can access at any location with an Internet connection. Our system build a paperless office, help leaders communicate with staff, departments in the agency quickly, timely; helps the user to schedule appointments, automatically reminders when it comes to the time of the job through the computer. At the same time through this system, agency leaders can assign work to employees and receive feedback from those jobs; establishing a system of information exchange to help officials and experts in the agency can exchange information directly; provides users with most of the benefits of computer networking but with the most natural approach to solve work at the office, improving the quality and efficiency of work; improve the level of application and use of IT tools, create a modern and effective working environment in the network environment and use electronic information that make positive changes in information processing; handle the work of leaders, staff in the agency, contribute to the implementation of administrative reform.

If you have more questions or you want more information about our Tasken eOffice solution, please visit HERE and don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.


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