Intranet portal is an active portal that help to connect your business to a digital workplace. This is a business solution beyond Office, transforming Office 365 and SharePoint into a lively, intuitive and flexible business portal that focusses on business and communication and collaboration. The Intranet portal provides access to resources in a Digital Workplace on Office 365. Its Active Content Design with unique characteristic brings a dynamic experience with up-to-the-minute content.

What can a live demonstration do for you?

  • Learn why Office 365 and SharePoint are the ideal platforms for your business, teaming up, improving collaboration, enhancing communication, and more.
  • Understand how easy it is to get up and running on Office 365 and SharePoint.
  • Discover the rich ecosystem of Office 365 features, facilitating the collaboration of organizations and teams across different departments with a consistent look.
  • At the end of the live demo, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to take the next step toward business transformation. Most importantly, you will find out why Marketplace is the key to help you saving your money and quite easy to get started.

Give the staff all the information they need just in one place

The Intranet is an organizational hub for your company to access everything for a successful business. Looking for the latest company news? Looking up the Intranet Portal. Want to know when the next company trip is? Access Events in the Intranet Portal SP. Need directions to the New York office? All of this information is available in the Office list. Need to find someone with Power BI experience? Look for skills in the Employee Directory.

The Intranet portal provides all necessary information for staff, at their fingertips. It also acts as a personal navigation point for active portals and sites in the digital workplace on Office 365 and SharePoint. And, it is conveyed intuitively in the context of how you work anywhere, anytime, and on whatever device.

Meaningful interaction with Active Content

Employee engagement and collaboration are more than just email, live chats and dynamic discussions. It bridges the distance from the leader’s perspective to the recognition of the employee to a newsletter distributed through blogs. Cooperation and commitment are key to establishing a strong corporate culture.

The Office 365 and SharePoint Intranet help you easily communicate the latest sales success stories, share customer service tips, or post system downtime. With Active Content, all areas of the business contribute, push information, notifications, and events from the operator portal to the Intranet Portal.

Content management has never been easier with content management features. Old content of the Intranet is removed. Participation and cooperation are waiting to happen.


Interaction, targeting, personalization

The Intranet portal integrates with Office 365 tools like Skype for Business and Yammer to provide live chat, meeting and discussion right from the employee directory. It promotes Office 365 People and Group for teams to collaborate right from the Intranet Portal.

Intranet experience is personalized for each user with optional content targeting, such as local news, and can receive comments and ratings. The MyLinks feature allows users to select individual icons that connect to their most popular and favorite content, apps, and websites. The Intranet aslo allows users to build up Intranet portal home page on their own way.


Native on Office 365 and Sharepoint

  • Built on SharePoint using lists, libraries and pages
  • 100% customizable by users with permission to use the SharePoint web interface
  • No sample solution
  • Not affected by Office 365 or SharePoint Online changes

Intuitive interface

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Designed to support the popular user experience on Office 365
  • Easily change the look, colors, fonts and layout without code
  • Navigate through the menu structure with the rest of the workplace structure

Active Content 

  • Active content is no longer obsolete
  • The content is automatically pushed into the intranet port from active operations
  • Department can push news, events, and policies to the intranet
  • Notify and approve content prior to publication

Custom Content and Sharing

  • News, Announcements, Events
  • Blog, Yammer, Skype, social link
  • Employee Directory, Search
  • Q & A, Document, Office
  • Content directory for links to applications, web services, Office 365 tools

Targeted and Personalized Content

  • MyContent for individual links is set by the individual user
  • Target news, events, notifications by location, department, or division
  • Personalization of navigation by viewer
  • Ability to set notifications or alerts by individual or group

Easy to manage

  • Content Management
    Need little knowledge about SharePoint
    Content Management dashboard
    Drop down format
  • Brand and Design
    Use the standard WYSIWYG editor of SharePoint
    Design Styles for CSS Changes
  • Apply custom branding

OPUS Intranet Portal (includes 3 generic department portals)

• Corporate culture user interface design
• Designed to support a common user experience across Office 365
• Improve the look and feel, colors, font, and layout based on company branding
• Navigate through a menu structure with aligned to company information architecture
• Corporate News, Announcements, Events
• Image Gallery
• Search Center
• Suggestion Box
• Ability to set notifications or alerts by individual or group

Intranet Portal options

• Additional Dept Portals (discount on 5 or more)
Annual Subscription after 1 year
• Google Chrome App for Intranet Portal
Annual Subscription after 1 year
• Voice Command
Annual Subscription after 1 year
• Meeting Room Booking
• Employee Directory