Project Tracker is a next generation project management portal that is part of a digital workplace. It provides a simple and easy-to-use project management tool that fits into smaller departmental projects and larger cross-functional or service-type projects.

Save time developing elaborate project plans with task templates. Easily find all your project documents, issues, customers, and more from one place. Provides an overview of roll-up projects by category, function or account. Check out the home page for a quick look at the KPIs of the project. View assignments, problems and view weekly status reports.

Tracker Project is a suitable project size management tool that can fit in with regular project managers as well as professionals.

What can a live demonstration do for you?

  • Learn why Office 365 and SharePoint are the ideal platforms for your business, teaming up, improving collaboration, enhancing communication, and more.
  • Understand how easy it is to get up and running on Office 365 and SharePoint.
  • Discover the rich ecosystem of Office 365 features, facilitating the collaboration of organizations and teams across different departments with a consistent look.
  • At the end of the live demo, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to take the next step toward business transformation. Most importantly, you will find out why Marketplace is the key to help you saving your money and quite easy to get started.

Project Management Made Simple

Easily track your team and your project on time and budget by giving your teams an easy-to-use tool in Digital Workplace. Projects can be set up using a simple project model or in their own project sub-site using the Pro Project model. Project managers and stakeholders can view all projects in one place with KPIs and drilling to forecast task details and dashboards. Find exactly what you need to know about your project – quickly – not the problem at all.

Project Team Collaboration Big and Small

Manage small projects, with standard projects, allowing team members to roll all their task details to one place with a MyWork page. The project team will review all project resources, tasks and related issues in the project view, making it easy to track. Larger projects will be more likely to be using Pro Projects with their own sub portal. In addition, you can invite external team members or clients to access the portal securely with limited access. Like other Digital Workplace applications, Project Tracker is integrated with Office 365 to promote powerful collaboration tools like Skype and Yammer for collaborative effort.

Client Service Projects

Track service projects for customers with links to the Sales Portal and Customer Service Portal. With these connections, your sales team can see the status of customer projects right from CRM and never enter the account situation without knowing exactly where the project or support issues are. Access project information in this field with mobile devices.

Drive project visibility to management. Feed project information into Power BI to create dashboards.


Manage and Track Projects

  • Track project budgets, hours, progress, status and more
  • Managing issues related to the project
  • Upload and link documents to projects
  • Publish status report with Key Point indicators

Create and Assign Tasks

  • Assign and track task progress and status
  • Create and reuse templates for quick project setup
  • Keep track of budget and hours
  • Find the project documentation right from the task you are doing

Collaborate with Teams

  • Keep small groups on the same page (literally) by easily tracking every task in one place
  • The project sub-site provides additional security for large projects and external users
  • Participate in project discussions using SharePoint or Yammer

View Projects from a Dashboard

  • Find the project progress, budget information, status and more for every project from the projects drill-down pages
  • Quickly find your project tasks, issues, and documents using the MyWork Dashboard

Integrate with Other Portals

  • Connect to other Marketplace sites such as CRM and Customer Service
  • Use Microsoft Project with Project Tracker’s Pro Projector
  • Use Power BI reporting for robust project dashboards

Native Office 365 & SharePoint 

  • Built on SharePoint using lists, libraries and pages
  • 100% customizable by users with permission to use the web interface
  • Not affected by Office 365 or SharePoint Online changes
  • Constantly designed as part of the Digital Workplace infrastructure