Sales portals is  a next generation sales operational as part of a digital workplace. Unlike traditional standalone CRM applications, Sales Portal is a complete portal that brings together the CRM automation process and collaboration features to optimize knowledge and share of sales teams.

With Sales Portal, your sales staff not only tracks the opportunities, but also has access to all the resources, information and knowledge they need to close the deal. Sales staff such as sales engineers, sales development personnel and sales managers will work as a team and use the portal collaboration features.

What can a live demonstration do for you?

  • Learn why Office 365 and SharePoint are the ideal platforms for your business, teaming up, improving collaboration, enhancing communication, and more.
  • Understand how easy it is to get up and running on Office 365 and SharePoint.
  • Discover the rich ecosystem of Office 365 features, facilitating the collaboration of organizations and teams across different departments with a consistent look.
  • At the end of the live demo, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to take the next step toward business transformation. Most importantly, you will find out why Marketplace is the key to help you saving your money and quite easy to get started.

Optimize the sales process

Using the CRM Digital Workplace application in your Sales Portal, your sales and marketing team can track potential businessfrom your campaigns, leads, opportunities, and accounts. Gather lead data from web forms and alerts, and specify the level. Track as an opportunity and close the deal. Set up to manage accounts. Opportunity activities are monitored through stages. All documents, tasks, workflows, appointments, and work logs are accessed from a single screen. Easily set up intelligent tracking tools automatically. Because it is part of Office 365 and SharePoint, all powerful collaboration and communication tools are available to use as an integrated part of the sales process for online meetings, chat, and screen shares.

Arm your sales team with the right resources and knowledge

Closers in your sales team are those who are equipped with the right information and resources at the right time. Sales portal goes beyond CRM to provide knowledge sharing tools such as discussion, knowledge base, and ideas and advice. Connect with social networks to learn, monitor and understand a business account. Collateral, feature lists, and competitive comparisons can be easily found in libraries by using search. Teams can organize sales tasks tied to opportunities, and even chat live or set up online meetings.

Visibility across the entire customer life cycle

The driving force behind successful sales is the ability to see in the sales cycle for business forecasts. Portal Sales provides a powerful yet easy way to view sales pipeline from every angle. Filter sales reports your way to see data from different views. Sales Portal is integrated with Power BI so you can combine CRM data with data from other systems and services. ​Deliver fully customizable dashboards filtered by region or role. Link to the Marketing Portal, Project Tracker Portal, or Customer Service Portal to achieve a fully integrated customer management experience.


Track Sales in the CRM

  • Simple but powerful CRM
  • Assists the whole sales cycle from leading up to the opportunity to close the account
  • View all activities in a view, message, document, appointment, discussion, and more
  • MyTerritory workspace for reps to optimize their work
  • Track the sales process with stages and checklist in the opportunity
  • Pipeline analysis with flexible report views and dashboards

Sales Team Portal

  • Central points to access resources such as collateral, media, sample documents and more
  • Share tips and ideas through discussions, knowledge base, chat and online meetings
  • Research accounts and contacts with link to web services
  • Get the latest news, announcements, and meetings
  • Set up industry new feeds

Integrated with the Digital Workplace

  • Common user experience on Office 365 and the Portal architecture
  • Option to link accounts with Project and Customer Service to view full images
  • Integrate with Skype for Business so that representatives can contact clients directly and set up online meetings
  • Link Email, calendars, and other Office 365 tools to CRM

Easy to use, anywhere, any time any device

  • Intuitive common user experience across the Digital Workplace
  • No extra sign-on or password
  • Responsive design supports any device with a browser
  • Access anywhere with Internet access, at work, with customers, on the road

Marketing Features

  • Manage and track contact databases
  • Create and track marketing campaigns, link tasks and documents
  • Document management library for collateral development
  • Media library for managing and archiving video, graphics and audio
  • Marketing calendars for events, campaigns, and social networks

Native Office 365 and SharePoint

  • Built on SharePoint using lists, libraries and pages
  • 100% customizable by users with permission to use the SharePoint web interface
  • No code template solution
  • Not affected by Office 365 or SharePoint Online changes