Vietnam’s economic vitality crucially hinges on digital transformation

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Vietnam’s economy, supported by digital growth, may just give Southeast Asian (SEA) emerging digital darling Indonesia, a run for its money. Whilst ASEAN powerhouses like Singapore and Indonesia tend to garner a…


Microsoft Touts Meetings for ‘Hybrid Work’ Scenarios with Coming Surface, Teams and Viva Improvements

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Microsoft on Thursday announced hardware and software enhancements arriving this year that promise to improve remote meetings and team collaborations for organizations.


Digital transformation key to overcoming difficulties from COVID-19: Experts

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Digital transformation is considered to be among the key solutions to removing obstacles facing production and business and creating new development directions, and is being applied by many localities and…


Microsoft announces a new sharing experience for Microsoft 365 apps

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Microsoft has announced some important updates to improve the sharing experience in Microsoft 365 apps, including OneDrive, SharePoint, and more. It is important to note that some of these features are available…

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15 Azure announcements from Microsoft Build 2021

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The three-day Microsoft Build 2021 developers conference started virtually today with the No. 2 cloud provider introducing a slew of updates to its Azure cloud computing capabilities. Azure announcements ranged…


Intelligent, Integrated Automation Is The Heart Of Digital Transformation

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It is not an overstatement to say that 2021 will be a make-or-break year for digital transformation. Last year, many companies ramped up their digital transformation investments to combat the…


Microsoft Office 365 is getting a handy upgrade that will streamline your workflow

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Keeping track of your files in Microsoft Office 365 is about to get a whole lot easier as the software giant is currently working on a new upgrade for the service which…


How to significantly increase your productivity with Microsoft 365 tools

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Microsoft 365 It offers a suite of feature-rich programs that integrate seamlessly within your organization’s ecosystem. Work from home, hybrid office, and extensive WFA (work from anywhere) Policies, a central program that integrates…


Digital transformation: How to accelerate with care

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Certain aspects of digital transformation have been constants during the pandemic. For example, people and process trump technology. Forced experimentation moved projects ahead that had been stuck in the “maybe someday” file.


Microsoft Enables Power BI Users to Set Actionable Goals

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Microsoft, during an online Microsoft Business Applications Summit, has unveiled a preview of Goals in Power BI. A new feature in Microsoft Power BI, the preview showcased the ability for users…

Bucharest, Romania - November 27, 2019: View of Microsoft Romania headquarters in City Gate Towers situated in Free Press Square, in Bucharest, Romania.

10 Awesome Tips, Tricks and Features of Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 is a collection of services offered by Microsoft and includes the same core applications as the traditional version of Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, among others.


Three Tips For Marketing In A Digital Transformation Boom

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Marketing has become so synonymous with technology that it’s hard to see where one begins and the other ends. According to the “godfather of martech,” Scott Brinker, there were a…


Microsoft Viva, SharePoint Online and the Shift to Teams

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Microsoft Viva is a new “employee experience platform” in Microsoft Teams that was unveiled by Microsoft in February. It currently has four applications — Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning and…


A Quick Introduction to Microsoft Azure Purview

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Orchestras rehearse so that every musician plays in sync. For business teams, however, using data in sync necessitates a number of steps be taken to make the data useful. One…


Pandemic gives push to digital transformation, SMEs urged to join in the race

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The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the process of digital transformation in businesses, experts said, and has urged companies to consider their own resources and conditions to ensure and increase efficiency.


What to know about Microsoft’s Azure cloud strategy

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The global coronavirus pandemic has validated Microsoft’s hybrid go-to-market strategy that recognises the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all solution and providers must meet customers where they are on their digital…


Digital transformation: 3 post-pandemic challenges to address

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Clearly, digital transformation is essential for business survival in a connected world. According to 2020 statistics from Gartner, 91 percent of businesses are engaged in some form of digital initiative, while 87 percent of senior…


How To Ensure Your Brand Stands Out From The Crowd In The Digital Transformation Era

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With the adoption of digital innovation, enterprises move at such an accelerated rate. Attackers have also stepped up their game, with ransomware and nation-state actors gaining ground. There has also…

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Digital transformation: 4 signs of a superstar

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A terrific digital transformation leader showed me his LinkedIn profile the other day.  It was super low-key – so low-key, in fact, that you’d never guess this guy has done some really…


Top 10 tips and tricks to know for Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft 365 (Office 365) is a widely used cloud-based package with over a million companies worldwide using its production capabilities. By 2020, over 700,000 companies in the United States alone…


Data As A Key Enabler For Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is a hard and long endeavor, especially for companies with legacy technology stacks, processes or cultures. However, it is no longer a discretionary initiative. Digitization is a secular…


Microsoft Expands Azure Space Efforts with Azure Orbital Ground Stations

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Microsoft has launched its first Azure Orbital “ground station as a service” units, the company announced this week, starting with its own datacenter in Quincy, Wash.


Five Barriers To Digital Transformation And How To Overcome Them

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In the early days of Covid-19, companies were preoccupied with enabling remote work, maintaining the digital infrastructure to support taxed supply chains and keeping business systems humming along. Yet, as…


Digitizing Isn’t the Same as Digital Transformation

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If your organization is busier than ever “digitizing,” you’re not alone. Digital efforts have been proliferating for years as companies strive to catch up with technological innovation. Covid-19 massively accelerated…


Microsoft 365 Admin Center Starting To Get Windows Release Health

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Microsoft announced on Thursday that it has started delivery of its Windows Release Health service component within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center portal.


Today’s Leaders Are In Deep Shift: The Digital Transformation Of Our Work-Life

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When we were all dispatched to work from home in March 2020, many leaders didn’t perceive that their organizations would be relying on them to sustain their level of productivity…


10 best features of Microsoft 365 for small businesses

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Formerly Office 365, Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive tool with multiple applications to aid your business. Office 365 for small businesses has been, and continues as Microsoft 365 to be,…


Digital Transformation Has Fundamentally Changed The Role Of Software

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As data flows between enterprise applications, cloud-connected or SaaS software, and IoT devices, business risk is also growing exponentially. The Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) revealed that 43% of…


Microsoft To Build New $200M Data Center As Azure Sales Soar

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Microsoft is continuing to pour billions into building and equipping new data centers across the U.S as demand for Microsoft Azure solutions and its cloud services soars. Microsoft has unveiled…


Digital Transformation For Public Sector Agencies Starts With Better Data Management And Strategies

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Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword. For many government agencies, it’s a long-overdue necessity that can be broken down into three main improvement areas: better data insights, better…


Public Sector Technology And Digital Transformation Predictions 2021

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2020 was a year of amazing challenge and opportunity for public organizations. The COVID-19 pandemic led to global shutdowns that made many government services more important than ever, while challenging…


What is Microsoft 365? Here’s what you need to know

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You’ve likely heard of Microsoft Office, which consists of workplace applications, including the widely used Microsoft Word program. What you may not realize is that Word and other Office programs —…


Digital transformation: 3 tips to prioritize goals and projects

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New potential projects likely cross your desk every day. Each project may promise a solid return on investment, but taking them on typically involves resolving other initiatives that haven’t been started, that have…


Clearing Three Hurdles to Digital Transformation

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Clearing Three Hurdles to Digital Transformation Being a midsize business has its benefits. Your business has more power to invest than lean startups do and more freedom to innovate than…


Data insights without limit, security without compromise

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The past year has confirmed that a digital-first strategy is not just a trend, but the new standard for business moving forward. What business calls “digital life” is just life…


Microsoft Uniting OneDrive and SharePoint Admin Portals Next Month

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A bunch of Microsoft 365 news bits were announced this week. Of interest to IT pros, Microsoft is converging its OneDrive and SharePoint Admin Center management portals, with a consolidated…


Resolution bolsters Vietnam’s digital transformation

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The world has quickly entered the digital era and Vietnam is now striving to catch up. To that end, the Party Central Committee issued Resolution No 52 on proactively joining…

Two hand pointing to virtual artificial intelligence with cloud technology transformation and internet of thing .  Cloud technology management big data include business strategy , customer service.

Digital transformation in the remote work era: 11 do’s and don’ts

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Leading digital transformation during a pandemic has not been optional. Tap into some upsides, such as receptivity to new ideas, while avoiding traps, such as sticking to old schedules or…


Azure cloud will pass Office to become Microsoft’s biggest business next year, says analyst

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Microsoft’s Azure cloud for hosting web sites and applications will replace the Office productivity software as the company’s largest source of revenue at some point in 2022, Piper Sandler analyst…


Over 3,000 enterprises seek support for digital transformation

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A seminar took place in Ho Chi Minh City on January 21 to discuss opportunities, challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation.


Common Data Service has been renamed to Microsoft Dataverse

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Common Data Service, the sophisticated and secure backbone that powers Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, has been renamed to Microsoft Dataverse. This low-code data platform is rapidly changing the way organizations…


Digital transformation: 5 mistakes to avoid in 2021

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Today’s pandemic is a wake-up call for organizations. They must recognize that the world has changed, understand the implications these changes have on their business, and identify opportunities to build…


Introducing Microsoft Cloud for Retail

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If 2020 taught us anything, it was that no business is resilient to everything. But those that had laid their digital tracks early were better positioned to recover, and in some cases, even speed ahead. In fact, one retail…

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Six digital transformation trends to watch in 2021

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One of the biggest lessons Australia and New Zealand business leaders can take from the past 12 months is that a climate of uncertainty is now the new normal. The…


New features for OneDrive, Teams and more, here’s everything added to Microsoft 365 in 2020

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The month of December is coming to a close, and it is now time to look back at the new features introduced in Microsoft 365 this year. In 2020, Microsoft…


Fools Rush In: Think Through Digital Transformation Strategy in 2021

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A number of digital transformation trends have become established as we enter the new year. It is clear, for example, that many people will continue to work from home for…


Top 10 Reasons to Become Microsoft Azure Certified Professional

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Cloud Computing services have grown to become a necessity for businesses quicker than anybody had expected. Microsoft’s Azure is a popular cloud-based service which offers hybrid compatibility that has become…


Three Digital Transformation Predictions To Watch For In 2021

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My end-of-year column back in 2019 outlined how advancements in the use of new technologies — such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine…


Digital transformation: 4 ways to end the year strong

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As the clock ticks down on 2020, here are a few ways to keep the momentum going on your digital transformation. In 2020, businesses of all kinds were forced to…


What’s Standing In The Way Of Your Company’s True Digital Transformation?

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When the pandemic’s initial shock hit businesses across the globe, companies had to make moves to meet their customers online — and fast. This shift online has largely been dubbed…


4 ways Microsoft 365 is improving the experience for Mac users

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In this atypical year, many of us have discovered a new sense of appreciation for our computers as critical tools to get work done. Now more than ever, we are…


Data Is Essential To Digital Transformation

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We live in a hyperconnected ecosystem, where every interaction results in massive datasets being generated. This consumption and usage of data has significantly changed over the years, helping shape new…


Over 200 million users rely on SharePoint as Microsoft is again recognized as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Content Services Platforms Magic Quadrant Report

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With the achievements that Microsoft has achieved in recent years, our company – Opus Solution – a business consultant in Vietnam, also proud to be a partner of Microsoft, specializes…


Digital transformation teams in 2021: 9 key roles

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Defining your organization’s digital transformation team for 2021 will be especially important as companies speed up work amid the pandemic. Data, cloud, and security expertise are hot – but don’t shortchange UX.


Microsoft Details Coming SharePoint, Microsoft 365 Improvements

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Microsoft is readying a bunch of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online improvements, including a new “My Feed” Web Part and more Microsoft Graph connectors.


Beware These Common Digital Transformation Pitfalls

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Everyone has digital transformation on their radar, but its meaning has been lost in the midst of the many different contexts in which it’s used. Digital transformation originally meant an…


Microsoft’s New ‘Productivity Score’ Lets Your Boss Monitor How Often You Use Email And Attend Video Meetings

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At Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference in October, the company previewed a slick new tool called Productivity Score. During the virtual presentation, a senior product manager said the feature provides “insights that transform…


What We’ve Learned From the Past Decade of Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation and enterprise modernization initiatives advanced by leaps and bounds in the last decade and especially so in the last five years. Economic sectors across the board have adopted…


Microsoft Dataverse for Teams Now Commercially Released

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The Microsoft Dataverse for Teams data platform for use with Power Platform tools has reached the “general availability” commercial-release stage, Microsoft announced on Monday.


How Delivery-Only Services Can Succeed In Their Digital Transformation Journey

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The tech world has transformed within a very short span of time, and most of this transformation took place over the last few years. We’ve seen transportation evolve to include…


Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Protection Now Commercially Released

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The Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention service, used to protect data accessed on devices, reached “general availability” commercial-release status, Microsoft announced this week.

Businessman working using laptop computer with strategy and growth of business on screen

How Power BI Helps You to Make Smart Business Decisions?

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For every business, data plays a critical role when it comes to developing strategies and making decisions. Similarly, businesses providing financial services are using business intelligence (BI) and analytics to…


5 Things We’ve Learned from Digital Transformation in the Last 5 Years

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Customer expectations have changed substantially in the last five years. They now expect real-time and personalized responses, greater ease of use, and accessible digital and mobile channels. As customer expectations…


How Big Data Is Aiding Effective Digital Transformation

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Big data ensures successful digital transformation in organizations. Data is an important factor for the success of any organization. Undoubtedly, organizations are playing high on big data. The huge amount…


Microsoft Earnings Includes Big New Teams Usage Number

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Microsoft Teams usage keeps surging to new highs as COVID-19-related remote work has moved the conferencing, chat and collaboration platform to center stage.

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Digital transformation: 9 emerging roles you need on your team

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As IT leaders learn more about what does – and does not work ­– when it comes to furthering digital transformation, they’re getting a better picture of the ideal makeup of…


How to migrate away from Office 2010 as Microsoft cuts off support

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Microsoft no longer provides support or bug fixes for Office 2010. What should you do if you’re stuck on the ten-year-old version of Office?

Economic crisis, Businessman using mobile smartphone analyzing sales data and economic graph chart that is falling due to the corona virus crisis, Covid-19, stock market crash caused.

Digital transformation: 5 proven ways to get skeptics on board

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Today, we know that digital transformation is no longer a nice-to-have but a requirement in terms of long-term business success. Throughout this year alone, industries have had to completely change how they…


Microsoft 365 Admin Center Getting Multitenant Management Capabilities

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Microsoft announced on Tuesday that its new “All Tenants” feature in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center portal is starting to arrive for partners that work with cloud service providers and multiple customers.

A logo sits on display outside the Microsoft Corp. pavilion at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Wednesday, March 4, 2015. The event, which generates several hundred million euros in revenue for the city of Barcelona each year, also means the world for a week turns its attention back to Europe for the latest in technology, despite a lagging ecosystem. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

How Does SharePoint Solve Employee Collaboration Issues Within Enterprises?

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For every business, whether it is small or big, team collaboration is the driving factor that excels innovation and cooperation for better productivity. You would also want to enhance your…

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Using Digital Transformation To Combat Business Growth Stagnation

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The world has gone through a massive overhaul, with Covid-19 taking the reins of how things work. The current market has forced several industries to transform for good. The remnants…

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It’s Not Magic, It’s Elastic: Getting Digital Transformation Right

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When the pandemic hit, some companies reacted fast and came out on top. Sure, a few happened to offer the right products or services at a challenging time. (A year…


Microsoft partners with the telecommunications industry to roll out 5G and more

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The increasing demand for always-on connectivity, immersive experiences, secure collaboration, and remote human relationships is pushing networks to their limits, while the market is driving down price. The network infrastructure…


How to Harness the Digital Transformation of the Covid Era

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Digital technology is at the center of today’s economic development debate due to its wide use during the Covid-19 outbreak. While there is no doubt that the pandemic is amplifying…

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SharePoint Syntex and ‘Project Nucleus’ Announced at Ignite

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Microsoft described a couple of developments along SharePoint product lines during a Tuesday Ignite online keynote talk. The new developments include a new Project Cortex product called “Syntex,” plus a…


Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2021

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No one could have predicted where 2020 would take us: The last six months alone have produced more digital transformation than the last decade, with every transformation effort already underway…


How Data Reuse Can Help Drive Digital Transformation

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Today’s enterprises have gold mines of data sitting around collecting dust. This might sound surprising because studies show that companies of all sizes and scopes consider data a critical component of…


Microsoft 365 saves you time and effort with transcription and voice commands in Word

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Harness the power of your voice Now more than ever, we’re all very busy—juggling family, work, friends, and whatever else life throws our way. New enhancements in Office leverage the Azure Cognitive Services AI platform so you can harness the…


Microsoft Partner Of The Year: How Three Solution Providers Landed The Big Awards

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CRN speaks with Microsoft partners who took home the top awards in Power BI, Teams calling and meetings, and Azure-based IoT. With Microsoft’s channel partners numbering in the hundreds of…


Digital transformation: 4 sticking points to avoid

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COVID-19 has made digital transformation more essential than ever. Jump-start your strategy by proactively addressing these common causes of stalls. The goal of digital transformation is to evolve a brand’s customer experience…


5 Core Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Business

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The Cloud computing platform is the future of business and is transforming the business’s use of technology. There are some big players in the tech industry, but Microsoft (MS) Azure…

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Why Digital Transformation Always Needs To Start With Customers First

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Customers’ expectations, preferences, changing patterns in how and why they purchase need to be the core of any digital transformation effort. With it, digital transformation projects flourish and take on…


Microsoft OneDrive: New features allow business users to stay on top of sharing and sync status

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Microsoft’s cloud-based file hosting/synchronisation service adds new options for managing the content that matters to you. When someone shares a file with you through OneDrive, they might mail you a…


The Three Faces Of Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is back at the top of every agenda, all the more so because it appears that companies that have embraced transformation are those most likely to thrive in today’s disrupted…


Microsoft 365 Apps to Drop Support for Internet Explorer 11

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Microsoft has announced a roadmap to stop support for Internet Explorer 11 in its Microsoft 365 apps, starting with Microsoft Teams. The move will modernize the Teams web app and…


Digital transformation: 2 habits of the strongest cultures

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There’s a popular meme circulating on social media right now that asks: Who is driving your digital transformation as a business? The multiple choice style options include the CEO, the CFO, and…


What You Need to Know About Microsoft SharePoint?

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As a management and collaboration system, SharePoint Portal allows its users to be halfway around the globe while still being able to access company documents and communicate across businesses easily….


Four Tips For Pursuing Digital Transformation In Manufacturing

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Digital technology has changed and will continue to alter the landscape of business, engineering and manufacturing. But the shifting needs for designing, producing and servicing products are complicating efforts to improve…


Digital Transformation Benefits Beyond Cost Reduction

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This is an intriguing time for digital transformation. For the past few years, many companies held back in the extent of digital transformation they were willing to undertake because the…


Digital transformation strategy: 10 questions to ask about yours now

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Whether you’re putting together your digital transformation strategy from scratch or revisiting the plan in light of disruption, try to start from a point of curiosity. The most effective digital transformation strategies begin not with a…


Microsoft Lists Apps Coming Soon to Microsoft 365 Subscribers

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Microsoft announced last week that its Lists applications are starting to arrive as early as this month for “Microsoft 365 business customers worldwide.”


How Digital Transformation And Innovation Have Been Accelerated Due To Covid-19

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Digital transformation has been an essential ingredient in ensuring business survival over the past few months. Digital transformation was always a hot topic prior to 2020; however, Covid-19 made it…


Introducing Microsoft Dataflex, a new low-code data platform for Microsoft Teams

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The COVID-19 crisis has rapidly changed the way we live and work, and many organizations have shifted to remote work or are implementing a hybrid remote work approach as they…


Digital transformation ROI: 7 ways to improve

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IT leaders can take actions to boost the long-term value that their organizations derive from digital transformation project dollars. Consider these tips.

COLOGNE, GERMANY OCTOBER, 2017: Microsoft logo on a wall. Microsoft is an international corporation that develops, supports and sells computer software and services worldwide.

Microsoft Highlights Security and Compliance Milestones for OneDrive and SharePoint

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Microsoft outlined some recent security and compliance enhancements that are either already available or will be coming to Microsoft 365 tenancies using OneDrive and SharePoint by year’s end.

Global communication network concept. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. 3D rendering.

Digital transformation: 5 ways to speed up

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Even as businesses around the globe continue to reel from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many forward-thinking IT leaders are using the disruption as an opportunity to advance their digital…


Microsoft Ending Workflows for SharePoint 2010 Online Next Month

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Microsoft on Monday gave notice that it will be ending support this year for the “workflows” component of SharePoint 2010 Online, as well as deprecating that component for SharePoint 2013 Online.

Global communication network concept.

Digital transformation: 11 habits of successful teams

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Say no to innovation theater. Quantify what success looks like. Encourage widespread agility. Consider these practices of teams beating digital transformation challenges.


Introducing new OneDrive features to share and collaborate across work and life

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If there are two words that define the way we’ve used technology this year, they might just be “remote everything.” Our jobs. Our meetings. Our kids’ schools. Our social gatherings….


Digital transformation: How to create hyper-productive teams

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By now, most of us have seen how digital transformation can help organizations cut costs and boost productivity – often with astounding results. But, as some organizations have learned the hard way, simply implementing innovative technology…