3 key lessons from businesses on the front lines of digital transformation

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It feels odd to talk about digital transformation in 2022, when smartphones and smartwatches are all around us, and talk of the “metaverse” is in the air.


How to always open files in desktop apps with Microsoft 365

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Learn how to use a Microsoft 365 setting that lets you determine whether to work in an online or desktop environment for each file.


Digital transformation: 8 guiding principles

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Successful digital transformation requires a shift in mindset and practices. Base your strategy on these fundamental tenets to position your organization for success.

A Microsoft logo is displayed at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona on March 2, 2022. - The Mobile World Congress, where smartphone and telecoms companies show off their latest products and reveal their strategic visions, is expected to welcome more than 40,000 guests over its four-day run. (Photo by Josep LAGO / AFP)

IT Admins Can Now Monitor Microsoft 365 with New Service Health Dashboard

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Microsoft has launched a new Health dashboard in public preview for small or medium-sized organizations. The software giant says that the dashboard is designed to provide IT Pros a complete…


Closing The Digital Transformation Business Gap

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In the last two years, businesses of every size have confronted the impact of COVID-19, including supply chain shortages, inflation, the rise of hybrid work and the Great Resignation. If…


How you can use Power BI inside Outlook and Office for data storytelling

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It’s now easier to make decisions with your colleagues by putting Power BI data into PowerPoint slides and email messages.


Digital Transformations Need More Than Just A North Star

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Increasingly, technology leaders are being invited to the executive table. After years of exclusion, this is great news, but how are you bringing new perspectives and value beyond an extensive…

Logo der Microsoft Corporation am Sitz der Microsoft Deutschland GmbH im Rheinauhafen. Köln, 24.07.2020

How to Manage Your Microsoft 365 Account

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Microsoft’s account dashboard will help you get the most out of your 365 subscription and more. Check out what you can exactly do in it.


Digital Transformation Is Changing Supply Chain Relationships

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The digital transformation of businesses is creating new products, processes, and services. But to provide these new offerings, companies must share information and assets with each other in ways that…


Microsoft Azure Will Grow Faster and Bigger Than Expected, Says Analyst

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Microsoft Azure, the software giant’s public cloud business, continues to generate outsized growth, gradually eating into the big market share edge held by market leader Amazon Web Services. And at least…


Digital transformation: 5 steps to boost your progress

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Has your digital transformation initiative slowed – or stalled? Consider this expert advice to get things moving again.


7 key Microsoft Azure analytics services (plus one extra)

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Microsoft offers an array of options for data analytics in its cloud that are meant to operate together as a full analytics stack. Here is an overview of the core…


Opus Solution officially put the eOffice System into operation for Masan

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Last week, Opus Solution conducted user training about the eOffice system and officially put the the system into operation for Masan.


4 ways digital transformation has changed how business is done

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From enabling virtual hiring to improving the customer experience, digital transformation has inexorably changed how companies do business. Here are four examples.


Humanizing Digital Transformation: Don’t Forget The People

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“Digital Transformation” is one of the buzzwords of 2022, but it has also been one of the least successful strategies of the past few years. The idea of moving to…


How to export Microsoft Power BI data to a Microsoft Excel file

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Depending on where data originates, you may not have an actual file. Learn how to export a Microsoft Power BI dataset for use in Microsoft Excel.


Digital transformation: 3 ways it changes companies

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Companies that embrace a digital transformation mindset focus not on technology, but on how it can improve overall business success. Consider these examples.


This Microsoft 365 update may have solved your biggest IT headache

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Microsoft may have solved one of the biggest headaches for IT admins across the world with the launch of a new service displaying update status for all devices within an…


Digital transformation: How to gain organizational buy-in

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Three-quarters of digital transformation initiatives are stuck in “pilot purgatory.” Why are so many projects unable to scale their digital systems at an enterprise level?


Evaluate key Azure Data Factory benefits and limitations

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In the past, businesses collected and integrated data using tools that they set up and managed themselves. Today organizations can build data integration pipelines — hosted, fully managed data integration…


Digital transformation: 5 reality checks before you take the plunge

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Digital transformation (DX) can mean just about anything and everything in the business and technology spectrum. Starting with the transition from analog to digital, the term has evolved to refer to…


Digital Transformation Plans Versus Reality: Top Reasons Why Organizations Fail At Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is a popular topic these days. But it looks like many trends are being talked about more than they are being put into practice.


Power BI Dashboard Example Template: The Retail Superstore

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A Power BI dashboard example template using a retail superstore as a guide, created by the editors at Solutions Review.


Compliance Is A Crucial Part Of Digital Transformation—Here’s How To Achieve It

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The term “digital transformation” often gets thrown around in our ever-changing business environment. It’s a catch-all term that describes new and emerging digital technologies to improve business processes, achieve higher…


Azure cloud services: 5 questions CIOs should ask

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Today’s CIO doesn’t need an introduction to Amazon Web Services, as we wrote recently – it’s a household name. But that doesn’t mean AWS is the only option for public…

businessman working on digital diagram for program improvement, software developer work on digital improvement concept

What’s next for digital transformation?

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Digital transformation isn’t new. Indeed, it has been on the CIO’s agenda for at least 35 years.


How to Map Out Your Digital Transformation

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At the start of the pandemic, businesses around the globe found themselves exposed to an unexpected boost in digitalization. Those who promised to keep the wheels turning were given carte…


Three Reasons the Microsoft 365 Price Increase Is Worth It for Your Team

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Are the raised prices for Microsoft 365 worth it for your business in the long run? Let’s highlight three tools that can justify it.

Economic crisis, Businessman using mobile smartphone analyzing sales data and economic graph chart that is falling due to the corona virus crisis, Covid-19, stock market crash caused.

Top 5 Strategies For Accelerating Digital Transformation

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For the better part of the last decade, the world has experienced dramatic changes. These changes have had huge impacts on the way businesses operate. As a result, many organizations…


Ten Years with Microsoft 365, Part 1: Making the Switch

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This month marks ten years since I began using Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) in my own organization. That being the case, I wanted to take a step back and…


Digital Transformation: How To Future-Proof Your Business

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Covid-19 delivered catastrophic blows to almost every facet of the business world. While the pandemic became a catalyst of innovation for some organizations, it was a wake-up call for others—especially…


Digital transformation: Emotional intelligence required

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Digital transformation is not just about technology – it’s also about people. CIOs are tasked with driving a legacy-laden world into a digital one. Meanwhile, IT teams implementing this monumental…


How To Gain Expertise In Power BI As A Data Analytics Aspirant

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2022 has been the year of recovery from the blows of the coronavirus pandemic. Tech-enabled sectors have been rapidly adopting tools to continue growing their business and transforming their organisational…


Five Trends Changing The Face Of Digital Transformation In 2022

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The digital transformation era has arrived, and with it has come countless innovations for businesses to explore. The pandemic has demonstrated the need for companies to adapt and accelerate their…


Considering Microsoft 365? What you need to know

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Microsoft 365 is a great choice for everything from company email to team collaboration. Before you dive in, here are some TechRepublic Premium resources to prepare you for implementation.


Automation and digital transformation: 3 ways they go together

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Automation and digital transformation (DX) have become one of IT’s dynamic duos: Where you see or hear one, the other seems sure to follow.


Digital transformation reality check: 6 requirements for success

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Over the past three years, no single trend has influenced the world around us more than digital transformation. From remote work to emerging technologies to a dramatic expansion of e-commerce solutions,…


Digital transformation: 3 common mistakes to avoid

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Consumers embrace new things quickly. If companies don’t innovate fast enough, they’ll lose customers. This puts a very high demand on enterprises, whose business-to-end-consumer chain is long and complicated.


Unleash the power of your small business with Microsoft 365

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Over the past two years, businesses of all industries and sizes have had to adapt to new ways of working, a challenging operating environment, and ever-changing customer expectations. With all…


Digital transformation: 3 roadblocks and how to overcome them

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The future of any organization lies in its ability to adapt to a digital-first future, especially as the pandemic continues to boost demand for digital business service operations. With 65 percent of…


Microsoft Azure testing out multi-stage reviews for managing access to content

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Multi-stage reviews should streamline managing access to enterprise apps.


How Digital Engagement Will Evolve In 2022

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The growth in remote-first digital communication shows no sign of slowing in 2022. The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the reliance on connected infrastructure and digital services for the daily functioning…


SharePoint vs. Microsoft Teams: Which Tool To Use?

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Have you found yourself asking this question, “Should I implement SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, or both in my organization?” Many business leaders ask themselves this same question, and this post aims to…


How To Prepare For A Successful Digital Transformation

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Regardless of industry or geographic location, digital transformation is high on the list of nearly every corporation’s top priorities. As companies look for ways to keep up with the speed of technology,…


Yes, You Can Download Microsoft Office on a Chromebook

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For people who use their laptop primarily for browsing, the Chromebook has been a solid budget option for over a decade, progressing from so-so to excellent in recent years. But even after…


The 4 Pillars of Successful Digital Transformations

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Despite years of discussion, understanding what digital transformation means for established companies remains a daunting challenge. Leaders put in charge of a digital transformation feel pulled in many different directions,…


Microsoft steadily adding to Power BI analytics platform

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While Microsoft rarely does major Power BI platform updates, the tech giant adds new analytics features and capabilities on a regular basis.


Four Ways Data Drives Digital Transformation Success

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Digital Transformation quickly became one of the most popular buzzwords of the COVID era as leaders struggled to navigate the applications, virtualized experiences, and new practices required to enable and…


Improve your security defenses for ransomware attacks with Azure Firewall

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To ensure customers running on Azure solutions are protected against ransomware attacks, Microsoft has invested heavily in Azure security and has provided customers with the security controls needed to protect…


Digital transformation – way out for agricultural sector amid difficulties

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Fast digital transformation is considered the best way for Vietnamese agricultural sector to overcome difficulties to recover and develop in the post-pandemic period, thus affirming its role as a key…


Why Microsoft 365 Is Getting More Expensive for Business Customers

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From March 2022, Microsoft 365 will be more expensive for its commercial users. Let’s explore why Microsoft is doing this.

The logo of Microsoft is pictured during the launch of Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop at a promotional event in New Delhi on August 7, 2018. (Photo by Sajjad HUSSAIN / AFP)        (Photo credit should read SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Microsoft 365 Business Now Includes Visio for No Extra Cost

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Visio is a great tool to communicate quickly with flowcharts and diagrams. Microsoft 365 Business will now make it easy to use the diagramming tool.


Under Pressure: Digital Transformation Starts At The Top

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CEOs and other top executives are increasingly in the hot seat when it comes to being able to leverage the potential power of digital technologies. They’re getting the message, and…


Microsoft 365 update will make sure no one is at a disadvantage

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New accessibility app lets disabled users add comments for their coworkers in documents At a time when business are using web accessibility software to make their websites accessible to all, Microsoft has…


Why Digital Transformation Requires Internal Teams To Get On The Same Page First

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This might be surprising since the entire “digital transformation” discussion started only a few years ago, but a true digital transformation expert is someone who has executed such transformations for…


How to visualise security and threat information in Microsoft Power BI

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Want a custom security dashboard to bring together data from multiple places? Microsoft Power BI can do that and help you spot what’s changing.


Digital Transformation In Banking: How To Make The Change

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Digital transformation has remained an important trend in banking in 2021. Similar to its impact on other business domains, technology is gradually reshaping the financial services industry in every aspect….


How to Use Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint Together for Collaborative Work

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Make the most of your Microsoft 365 subscription! Here’s how to drive effective remote collaboration using Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.


Digital transformation: 4 tips to speed your progress

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The pandemic may have expedited your digital transformation, but customer and employee expectations are only increasing. Consider these strategies to reach your goals efficiently.

Uniben Document management system

Opus Solution successfully deployed Portal & Document management system for Uniben

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Recently, Opus met and signed a contract with Uniben for the purpose of implementing Uniben Portal and the document management system for their business.


4 Principles to Guide Your Digital Transformation

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Clearly, digital transformation is no longer an option, but an imperative. In fact, recent research from Accenture has found that in the three years prior to 2018, firms who led their industry…


Why has Da Nang taken the lead in digital transformation?

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Since 2010, Da Nang has identified information and communication technology as one of the three strategic breakthroughs in socio-economic development.


Microsoft SharePoint Sites Explained: Hub Site, Team Site, and Communication Site

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SharePoint is a web-based content management platform. SharePoint Site is one of the main components of it. The Sites are essentially a collection of libraries, apps, pages, links, content, configurations,…


Microsoft Starting to Deliver Loop Components to Teams Users

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Microsoft announced on Tuesday that Microsoft Loop components are starting to become available to Microsoft 365 “commercial customers” using Microsoft Teams.


3 Tactics to Accelerate a Digital Transformation

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Nothing changes unless people’s behavior changes. Sure, digital transformation requires that companies upgrade systems and make sure people have the right tools and know how to use them. But those…


10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Microsoft SharePoint

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For many, SharePoint is a platform with limited functionalities. But that’s not the case. You can do many things on this platform, some of which may have been unknown to…


Digital transformation: 4 ways to create a sense of urgency

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Staying competitive in today’s turbulent environment requires a solid digital transformation strategy. Consider these tips to bring increased urgency.


Using Microsoft SharePoint in remote corporate education

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The year 2020 has become a turning point for enterprises all over the world. The global shift to remote work has prompted businesses to rethink their approaches to managing daily…


The first rule of digital transformation

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Questions around digital transformation in the heavy process industries no longer begin with “if,” but instead with “when” and “how.” By now it’s universally acknowledged that the digital technologies of…


Why Digital Transformation Is An Ongoing Journey

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Ticking off tasks on your to-do list can be extremely satisfying. With each item crossed off, there’s visible and tangible evidence of progress made and the sense that your time…


Top 7 trends shaping digital transformation in 2022

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The pace of digital change in business shows no sign of slowing in 2022. The latest research from MuleSoft identifies 7 key digital transformation trends that will shape the future…


Office 2021 vs. Microsoft 365: Which One Should You Use?

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Find out which application suite is most suitable for your office needs between Office 2021 and Microsoft 365.


The 10 Best Practices Every SharePoint User Should Know

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Here are some practices you should know as a SharePoint user for using the collaboration tools more effectively.


What is the impact of digital transformation on fintech?

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Onguard’s Fintech Barometer, which looks at the finance industry, has been tracking trends and changes over the past four years.


The 5 Fronts of Digital Transformation in the Middle Market

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The past 18 months have brought unprecedented challenges to businesses of all sizes, and the U.S. middle market was not immune.


Classic vs. Modern SharePoint: 9 Key Differences

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Not sure whether to choose Classic or Modern SharePoint? Find out what makes them different, and whether you should switch.

Artificial Intelligence Global Concept on the blue background

How To Survive Digital Transformation – A Post-Covid Guide

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If there is one key business lesson to be learned from the past eighteen months, it’s the need for organisations to embrace digital transformation.


Digital transformation: 4 excuses to leave behind

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For business leaders who have ever struggled with whether or not to embrace digital transformation, the pandemic made that decision easier. Just as nobody predicted COVID-19, nobody anticipated the changes it…


Why you should Consider Migrating your Business to SharePoint Online

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SharePoint has developed so much from being just an application to a reliable modern workplace program for collaboration, managing documents, and reports as well as providing web content and portals…


Three Tips For Equitable Digital Transformation

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As companies increasingly embrace technology, they’re frequently adding new systems and processes on top of existing ones. Attempting to better use the latest technology available is a move in the…


Microsoft Office 2021 will launch on October 5th

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Microsoft is launching its next perpetual version of Microsoft Office for commercial customers today, and promising an Office 2021 consumer release on October 5th. Microsoft Office Long Term Servicing Channel…

Opus Solution deploy eOffice to Ajinomoto

Opus Solution officially go live eOffice System for Ajinomoto Corporation

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Last week, Opus Solution officially go live the Online Approval & Contract Management System for Ajinomoto Vietnam Corporation. Working with a large corporation like Ajinomoto Vietnam is not only a…

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How CFOs Can Optimize ROI Through Digital Legal Transformation

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In the past decade, CFOs have overseen transformations across every business department. They continue to drive digital transformational projects to provide ongoing cost reduction and efficiency improvement. While these transformations…


The Link Between Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

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Companies have many reasons for prioritizing digital transformation initiatives. While operational efficiency and streamlining of processes are clear benefits, improving the customer experience is the most outward facing and even…


How to use Power BI To extract the true value of your data?

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Processing data sets to identify patterns and trends to draw meaningful conclusions is called data analytics. It helps enterprises use real-time and historical data to derive insights that help in…


Why digital transformation is a process, not a destination

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Federal digital transformation initiatives have been going on for some time now, and the results have been – well, mixed. IT managers have a difficult row to hoe here, because…


What Is Microsoft SharePoint? 4 Features and Benefits of Using It

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Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration and file management tool that helps your professional and personal productivity. Here’s what you need to know!


The Biggest Risk To Digital Transformation? Underestimating The Human Factor

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While referred to as “digital” transformation, the human factor involved in this process presents the greatest risk to what is perhaps the priciest investment most organizations will make in the coming decade….


How to leverage the features of Power BI when using an iPhone, iPad or Mac

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Microsoft’s Power BI helps professionals, including Apple users, better understand their data. Here’s how users with an iPhone, iPad or Mac can take advantage of all Power BI offers.


What Digital Transformation Is, And What It Is Not

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There is a lot of talk these days about digital transformation in business, and many organizations have projects underway. As is the case with many buzzword-worthy trends, there are valuable…


Built For Everyday Users: Microsoft BI Tools For Data Analytics

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Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool that is one component of Microsoft’s expanding Power Platform. It functions as a collection of software services, apps, and data connectors that work seamlessly…


The Evolution Of Digital Transformation

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The urgency of marketplace competition has long been the driver for making digital transformation a priority for enterprise organizations both large and small, in basically every industry. In recent years,…


Visibility Is The Key To Managing Microsoft 365 For Enterprises

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The traditional workplace model has been wholly shattered, and it appears as though Microsoft will be one of the biggest beneficiaries. Large businesses adopted Microsoft 365 (M365) en masse to…


Big Digital Transformations Come In Small Packages

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What’s the best way to begin any digital transformation journey? Find a project that is achievable within one month, with the resources you have today, and that is of immediate…


Microsoft announces new ransomware detection features for Azure

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Microsoft has unveiled a new ransomware detection feature for its Azure customers that will send alerts to security teams when the system observes actions “potentially associated with ransomware activities.”


Digital transformation strategy: 6 factors to rethink post-pandemic

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After a pedal-to-the-metal year of digital transformation, it may be tempting for leaders to ease up on the gas. However, it is only a matter of time before “life happens” and…


Microsoft Kicks Off New Licensing Model with SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Preview

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SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, a new product sold by subscription, was released as a preview on Monday. New features in the SharePoint Server Subscription Edition product were briefly described by Bill Baer,…


Process Governance: The Essential Ingredient For Digital Transformation

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As businesses reimagine every facet of their operations to become customer-centric digital enterprises, process governance is becoming the strategic “mission control” that enables those businesses to harness the full potential…


Inspire 2021: 5 Big Updates In Microsoft 365, Teams And Industry Clouds

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The Latest From Microsoft At Microsoft’s Inspire 2021 partner conference this week, the company is unveiling a new industry cloud offering, a virtual Windows desktop solution that is accessible from…


Are SMBs invited to the digital transformation party?

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In the enterprise, digital transformation is no longer synonymous with striving toward a structural or radical change by replacing and rebuilding systems and processes. Rather, it now resembles any other…