20 Ways To Engage Every Staff Member During A Digital Transformation

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With constantly evolving technology impacting business in a daily capacity, digital transformation has become a top priority for businesses wanting to stay competitive, relevant and successful. However, success hinges on…


What The Automotive Industry Can Learn From The Next Wave Of Digital Transformations

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Disrupt yourself or risk being disrupted. That’s true in every industry today. But when it comes to the automotive industry, disruption can be a massive opportunity.


How To Achieve ROI In Digital Transformation

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In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary industries, organizations encounter formidable challenges in their quest for a substantial return on investment (ROI) amid the intricate process of digital transformation. The complexities…


Digital Transformation: 12 Big Ways A CMO’s Role Is Evolving

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Aside from a wealth of creative ideas and deep design and branding experience, today’s CMO must possess digital expertise—not only to build strong brands and drive engagement, but also to…


Five Questions That Determine Where AI Fits In Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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Covid-19 accelerated corporate investment in the digitization of customer and employee experience, which is unlike anything I’ve seen in my 25-year career in digital transformation. Large companies took on an…


The Next Wave Of Digital Transformation For Coaching And Consulting Businesses

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In the dynamic landscape of service-based businesses, particularly in the coaching and consulting industries, the horizon is abuzz with the promise of transformative digital trends in 2024.


Navigating The Future: 2024 Trends In Public Relations And Integrated Marketing

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Gradually, over the course of the last few decades, the PR industry has transformed beyond recognition. A job that could once be handily accomplished with a Rolodex and a landline…


The Role Of Data-Driven Culture In Digital Transformation Success

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Right now, it won’t come as a surprise that digital transformation initiatives—reinventing business for the digital age—are a top priority for leaders in every industry. They’ve recognized for some time…


Learn How AI Expands Life Sciences Growth Potential

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The keys to leaving behind the competition and promoting organizational growth are changing significantly in the pharmaceutical industry – even to the extent where data and technology investments are emerging…


Navigating The Digital Frontier: Key Trends In Business Transformation For 2024

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Over the last three years, especially since the emergence of Covid-19, businesses have transformed faster than ever. As a business owner myself, I had to automate many of my processes and make…


How To Leverage Value Stream Management For Digital Transformation

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Business leaders today are expected to deliver on their priorities faster since entering the age of digital transformation. They have to achieve certain business results, set lofty strategic goals, and…


Navigating Digital Transformation: A Guide for Government Leaders

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It’s not news that government leaders and agency operations managers are increasingly expected to do more with less when updating legacy digital tools and integrating new processes. Although the Technology…


At What Point Is Digital Transformation A Success?

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Every new year, Americans spend around $30 billion on fitness memberships and another $11.15 billion on home exercise equipment, but 90% of them quit their health club within just three months of joining, and much of…


Is Your Company Ready For Digital Transformation?

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There’s no shame in stopping to ask a few questions when considering whether to digitally transform your business. Whether it’s determining what needs to change or the more complex question…


Digital Transformation: Composable Applications And Micro-Engagements

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More and more, organizations are looking for quicker time to value, lower overall total cost of ownership and lower overall risk. Said another way, they’re looking for greater out-of-the-box value….


Navigating The Parallels: Digital Transformation And The Menopause Journey

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As you might have guessed, I find myself amid the intriguing journey of menopause. It’s been quite the ride, full of unexpected twists and turns, revealing new insights about my…


Success In Digital Transformation: When To Call ‘Time Out’

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The statistics are grim. According to various surveys, about 70% to 80% of digital transformation projects fail to meet their objectives. They don’t deliver the expected functionality — often, despite…


Digital Natives Vs. Traditional Titans: Navigating The Corporate Landscape In The Digital World

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In an era where technology dictates market trends, understanding the dynamics between digital native companies and traditional firms is crucial. Digital native companies, born in the internet age, are defined…


Digital Transformation And Its Effects On The Modern Workplace

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With today’s speed of innovation, the modern workplace is rapidly transitioning toward digitizing business operations. According to the results of a Foundry study, “93% of organizations have adopted, or have plans…


Lessons Learned From Health Plan Transformation

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In the face of market pressures and business model changes, health plans are innovating in ways other companies may find instructive.


Digital Transformation In Asia: What Execs Need To Know About Supply Chain Technology

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Supply chains are the lifeblood of business. If you can’t get your product into consumers’ hands, nothing else matters. Supply chain technology solutions help organize the process from start to…


Chaos To Clarity: Communication In Supply Chain Digital Transformation

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In the world of digital transformation, the statistics are sobering. A 2021 study by McKinsey reveals that a staggering 70% of such projects fail to meet their objectives. Another McKinsey survey indicates that only…


Evolving From Digital Transformation To Intelligence Transformation

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Businesses are always absorbing new technology. Whether it is electricity, motorized power, assembly lines or the internet, the competitive nature of markets creates the capital motions that propel businesses to…


Empowering Supply Chain Productivity Through Digital Transformation

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Online retailers and business owners are seeing more traffic and sales than ever, with e-commerce revenue projected to increase 53%, or by $490.4 billion, between 2023 and 2027. In the near…


Leading Digital Transformation: Why CIOs Should Keep CX Top Of Mind

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Digital transformation continues to be a priority in today’s business landscape, with companies taking a variety of approaches to it. As a CIO, I must admit I have a fascination…


A Guide To Organizational Alignment In Digital Transformation

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In the decade spanning 2017 to 2026, global spending on digital transformation is expected to increase nearly fourfold, from just under $1 billion in 2017 to $3.4 billion in 2026. Yet,…


Fostering Successful Digital Transformation Through Specialization

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In 2020, we saw an uptick in virtual employment and remote work. Due to the global pandemic, businesses were encouraged to hire more people who worked in different countries, states,…


How To Start A Digital Transformation

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Today, digital transformation is inevitable for most companies; it’s not just for those in the tech sector. This message is crystal clear in any panel discussion, study and article related…


How AI impacts digital transformation

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AI adoption is changing digital transformation as enterprises deploy the technology to improve customer experience, boost developer productivity and look for a competitive edge.

One-on-one meeting.Two businesswomen sitting at table and talking.On desk is laptop.Women have smartphone and digital tablet in their hands.In foreground are virtual icons with clouds,people,gadgets.

How Generative AI Is Changing The DNA Of Digital Transformation

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It’s been almost a year since generative AI launched into the technology stratosphere with ChatGPT. While many companies are learning to work with a new generation of AI copilots, many…


Becoming A Digitalization Champion: Strategies For Success

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Digitalization is on everyone’s lips, but how do you truly harness its potential for your business? As the owner of a fully digitized consulting firm boasting over 20 remote employees…

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The Value Economy: Why It’s The Next Evolutionary Step In Digital Transformation

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In today’s consumer-driven landscape, businesses have transitioned from focusing solely on products to encompassing services and user experiences. However, a new paradigm is on the horizon, where multiple dimensions of…


The Impact Of Digital Transformation On Business Models: Opportunities And Challenges

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Digital transformation in business involves using new technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing to drive growth, streamline operations and increase competitive edge. Its impact can be seen across every industry, driven…


Business Process Reengineering And Digital Transformation

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Twenty years ago, technologies were rigid, and the main goal of digital transformation engineers was to simplify it all so all the features fit into the new digital reality.


Digital Transformation—Focus Areas To Maximize Impact For Your Business

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Every single day, an avalanche of interactions and operations introduces 328.77 million terabytes of data in the digital domain. To put that in perspective, this digit-packed figure is as grand as 328,770,000,000,000…


The Importance Of Unlocking AI For The Retailer, And Why Digitalization Is The First Step

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In the last 15 years, we’ve seen slow but significant advances in AI when it comes to retail. We can all remember when AI-powered “bots,” or virtual assistants, began showing…


Seizing The Future: Embracing Technological Change To Drive Innovation And Digital Transformation

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In a world where growth knows no boundaries, technological change is high on the list of nearly every organization’s top priorities. From my vantage point as a tech leader, I…


10 digital transformation questions every CIO must answer

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Impactful DX requires a business-centric approach supported by the right skills, culture, and strategy. Here’s how to assess whether your digital journey is on the path to success.


The Key To Digital Transformation Is People

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Technology companies have long helped their clients digitalize their businesses and embrace modern tools, but the pandemic served as a wake-up call for many companies that hadn’t sufficiently prioritized these…


How The CMO And CIO Can Work Together On Digital Transformation

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At its core, digital transformation is about innovating new or better ways of doing business through the application of technologies. In the marketing world, we often think of business process…

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element ,3d illustration

Three Digital Transformation Areas Of Focus To Stay Ahead Of Change

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We’re all familiar with the phrase “digital transformation” at this point. But familiarity doesn’t equate to application.


Digital Transformation—Focus Areas To Maximize Impact For Your Business

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Every single day, an avalanche of interactions and operations introduces 328.77 million terabytes of data in the digital domain. To put that in perspective, this digit-packed figure is as grand as 328,770,000,000,000…


20 Essential Steps For A Seamless Business Digital Transformation

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Tailoring your business in a digital world that is constantly evolving can be daunting. However, this has become a necessity rather than an option. Digital transformation has the power to…


5 Digital Transformation Challenges And How Small Businesses Can Overcome Them

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At this point, most small business owners know that digital transformation is necessary for their businesses to survive in today’s continuously disruptive times. And yet, according to David Rogers, a professor…


9 Vital Steps To Create A Digital Transformation Strategy

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Given the rise of generative AI, the metaverse and web3 technologies, it’s clear that business as we know it is changing. With the rapid advancements in technology and the ever-changing…


How To Drive Sales Velocity With AI-powered Contract Management

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AI can help legal departments improve efficiency, reduce risk and accelerate deals in a challenging economy. LexCheck founder and CEO Gary Sangha explores AI’s potential. 


Preparing For Omnichannel: Five Tips For A Successful Digital Transformation

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An omnichannel strategy isn’t just a nice-to-have idea for modern retail brands anymore; it’s becoming a survive-or-die proposition. As an industry veteran and the founder of several successful technology companies,…


Here We Go Again: GenAI Ushers In A New Age Of Digital Transformation

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The concept of “digital transformation” is hardly new. Since the ‘90s, the phrase has become a widely used—some would say overused—term to describe strategic initiatives organizations undertake to leverage technology…


Three Ways CIOs Are Rethinking Digital Transformation

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The World Bank predicts that global growth will average 2.2% through the rest of this decade. This is the lowest rate in 30 years and makes economic uncertainty the latest challenge for…


How To Answer Four Tough Questions On Frontline Digital Transformation

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Your executive team is ready for a digital transformation, but they don’t know what they don’t know.


Why Digital Transformation Is More About People Than Technology

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NASA is known for many inventions, but some people don’t know the unique means by which NASA is able to innovate: through creating “challenges” and inviting the general public to…


Navigating The Journey Of Digital Transformation In Large Enterprises

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Digital transformation is no longer an option for large enterprises; it’s a necessity for survival. It is a continuous and growing process that brings in automation and technology to streamline…


Nine Strategies To Accelerate And Achieve Digital Transformation

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The digital revolution has significantly disrupted the business landscape, and digital transformation is no longer an option but an essential part of business survival and growth.

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The Value of Digital Transformation

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Business leaders, shareholders, and board members have increasingly been saying the same thing — albeit using different words — when it comes to their company’s digital and AI transformations. While…


Robotics—An Extension Of The Ongoing Digital Transformation

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In this age where countless goods are manufactured, shipped and sold around the world every hour, customers expect prompt delivery of their orders to their doorsteps without delay. Manufacturers, meanwhile,…


Leverage The Human Touch For Superior Digital Customer Experience

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Last year, I came across a project pitch for an international lingerie brand. The brand’s objective was to grow its e-commerce business and develop omnichannel offerings to increase engagement with…


Opus Solution is honored to accompany and sponsor TECH STARTUP CHALLENGER 2023

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Opus Solution is very honored to sponsor and accompany TECH STARTUP CHALLENGER 2023, organized by Ton Duc Thang University


Digital Transformation In Finance: How Companies Can Boost Resiliency

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Heading into 2023, many economists predicted that this would be yet another challenging year. Q1 began with the continuation of management teams trimming operating costs in the form of mass layoffs across business…


Five Steps To Jumpstart Your Employee Digital Transformation Journey

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Customer journeys are increasingly digitized and seamless across industries like retail, media and entertainment, financial services and healthcare. Similar to how customers expect seamless digital journeys, employees expect consumer-centric experiences…


Smart Contract Security Audits: Best Practices and Vulnerability Mitigation Techniques

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Smart contracts have become an integral part of the booming cryptocurrency market. At a base level, they are automatically executing contracts coded and stored on the blockchain that provides the basis for creating all manner…


How Manufacturers Can Thrive With Digital Transformation

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Covid-19 disrupted the manufacturing industry and was critical to many companies’ fast-tracked adoption of digital transformation. Although many innovations rolled out pre-pandemic, adoption was slow. The pandemic gave us a…


The Fundamentals of Contract Management

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Learn the basics of contract management. Contract management is when someone takes on the responsibility of managing contracts for employees or vendors or other parties. Contract managers need legal knowledge…


Organizational Change Management: The People Side Of Digital Transformation

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Organizations of all sizes are increasingly becoming aware that big IT projects are never just about updating technologies. With big moves comes the opportunity and need to harmonize, standardize and…


Change Management In Digital Transformation

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Traditional Change Management Does Not Work In Digital Transformation Change resistance is derailing transformations at an alarming rate. It’s no surprise that, according to Forrester’s Business And Technology Services Survey,…


Improving Gen-Z’s Workplace Experience Through Digital Transformation

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Gen-Z employees have arrived in the workplace, and they’re not thrilled about what they see. A recent study reveals that Gen-Zers are twice as unhappy at work as their Gen-X and Millennial…


7 ways service providers drive lasting transformation success

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Launching a digital transformation journey, charting a roadmap and navigating the obstacles along the way is a difficult endeavor.


Transforming Contract Management: technologies and best practices

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As contracts are the core of business, a poorly managed contract process carries major legal and financial risks which have an impact on the bottom line. It can lead not…


The Role of DevOps in Digital Transformation: A Strategic Perspective

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The role of DevOps in digital transformation has become increasingly significant as organizations strive to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven business landscape.


How To Make Digital Transformation Work For Your Small Business

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Digital transformation is a hot topic today, but what does it mean for small businesses? Eric Lamarre, Kate Smaje, and Rodney Zemmel, senior partners from global management consulting firm McKinsey,…


The Future of Business: An Introduction to Smart Contract Technology

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. One such groundbreaking technology that has the potential to…

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Concept - Modern graphic interface showing certified standard process, product warranty and quality improvement technology for satisfaction of customer.

A New Way To Depict Digital Transformation

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With yesterday’s brief admission of the technology firm Nvidia Corporation to the “Trillion Dollar Club”— i.e. those firms with a market capitalization of more than a trillion dollars —CNBC’s Brian…


Microsoft makes a push for AI responsibility and safety through Azure

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Azure AI Content Safety is now available in preview, but extra features are also coming for Designer and Bing.


Optimize Your Digital Transformation Through A Culture Of Performance And Growth

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In today’s uncertain climate, companies worldwide are tightening their belts. But at the same time, haven’t we seen this before?


How AI will shape the future of contract management

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Every aspect of business operations has been disrupted by digitisation, and many expect the next major wave will come from the impact of AI. 


Microsoft Introduces Copilot in SharePoint and Other Coming Features

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Microsoft on Tuesday announced multiple SharePoint, OneDrive, Stream and Lists improvements to come, along with the debut of “Copilot in SharePoint.”


How Midsize Companies Can Drive Digital Transformation

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The last few years have brought unprecedented challenges, opportunities, and evolution for companies of all sizes. The middle market is no exception. In fact, the pandemic served as an accelerator…


Japan Poised For Digital Transformation?

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Japan, a country known for its technological innovations in robotics and manufacturing, has surprisingly lagged behind when it comes to digital transformation. According to the 2022 IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, Japan…


What does the future hold for smart contracts?

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Contracts are going digital. With certain online asset transactions already using blockchain-based software as their primary mode of contractual agreement, what does the future hold for smart contracts?


The New Power BI Features for PowerPoint You Don’t Want to Miss

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Let your data tell their stories. Take advantage of Power BI’s integration with PowerPoint, which allows you to use live data in your presentations.


Tasken eOffice of Opus Solution is awarded the Sao Khue 2023

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Opus Solution is very delighted to be awarded the Sao Khue Award 2023 by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) and the Organizing Committee of Sao Khue Award with…


7 digital transformation barriers to overcome

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Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and deliver value. It helps streamline operations, increase…


Digital transformation: 4 trends to pay attention to right now

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The pandemic propelled many businesses to adopt digital technologies faster than ever before. While the immediate rush to adopt new technologies and services that address pandemic-related challenges has subsided, investing…


Get The Basics Right For Digital Transformation Success

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Successful digital transformations start with getting the basics right.


Digital transformation: How to teach the language of change

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Digital transformation involves rethinking how technology, processes, and people work together to pursue new business models and revenue streams. But too often, leaders focus primarily on the technology leg of…


Digital transformation: Key considerations for banking leaders

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Banks across the globe are undergoing or planning to undergo technology-driven transformations to address a changing and digitally disruptive market. Their objectives are to simplify products and policies, speed time-to-market,…


How To Align Technology And Business Strategies To Keep Digital Transformation Efforts On Track

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Synching your technology and business strategies to enable digital transformation sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s all too easy for them to fall out of alignment. In today’s volatile economic…

Finger print Scanning Identification System. Biometric Authorization and Business

Five Strategic Trends for Business Trasformation in 2023

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With an emphasis on digital transformation and business agility, 2023 will see businesses consuming more as-a-service capabilities and focusing on securing their digital infrastructure, while ensuring sustainable practises remain a…


How to Use ChatGPT in Your Digital Transformation

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With all the buzz, press and enthusiasm surrounding ChatGPT, many engineers are exploring how ChatGPT and similar AI chatbots could enhance digital transformation.


How Digital Transformation can Bring Revolution in Banking Sector

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Digital banking has taken the finance sector by storm and continuously influences the banking industry. As the preferences and interests of tech-savvy customers keep on changing, we witness the rise…


Workplace transformation: 8 steps to build a successful plan

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A workplace transformation strategy can help enterprises radically improve the employee experience. When done well, it can also lead to more effective business technology and people processes.

Application development/digital transformation concept with icon representing networking and connectivity on a blue background.

The New Power BI Features for PowerPoint You Don’t Want to Miss

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Looking for a better way to display data in your PowerPoint presentation and take your slides to the next level? Now you can with these new Power BI integrations.


Why Do Companies Need Digital Transformation?

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Digital transformation has become essential for businesses to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing technological landscape. In recent years, we’ve witnessed a rapid transformation in the business world, with many companies…


A timeline of digital transformation in supply chain

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The pandemic prompted a spike in businesses digitally transforming their operations, but digital transformation goes back further than you think


Health of digital transformation: Consulting firms list issues

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Digital transformation consulting practitioners are working with organizations to troubleshoot initiatives that struggle to meet expectations and face the rigors of a turbulent economy.


Digital transformation: 4 ways to boost efficiency

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For digital leaders, transformation can be a particularly tricky exercise: Every organization must stay competitive, yet digital transformation efforts invariably come with costs and new resource needs that can be tough to…


How To Scale Up Digital Transformation Efforts

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Efforts to scale up your digital transformation efforts will often involve many roadblocks. Because digital transformation is about improving the way you operate at a deep level across your company,…


4 Ways Small Businesses Can Create A Stellar Digital Transformation Strategy

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Businesses worldwide are undergoing digital transformation and dominating the market today. Small companies are also harnessing digital transformation’s power, modernizing business models, optimizing internal processes and building new value chains….


How to design and review reports for mobile devices in Power BI

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Mobile devices are great for a quick document or project check-in when employees are away from their PCs. When it comes to Microsoft Power BI, end users often need access…

Network business concept. Communication network.

3 Steps For A People-First Approach To Unlock Digital Transformation And Growth In 2023

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The new year has marked a fresh slate for many businesses, motivating organizations to begin anew with clean performance records. The most forward-looking leaders, however, realize a more significant opportunity…

Hnad working with Digital transformation change management and internet of things (IoT) Ui.

Digital transformation trends: What’s flourishing and what’s fading

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Global organizations’ swift transition to remote and hybrid work over the past few years has pushed digital transformation to the forefront much more quickly than analysts expected. CEOs and other C-suite leaders…