Business Consulting

Our menu of services for Microsoft SharePoint includes business consulting and full enablement of enterprise collaboration and content.

  • Migration planning
  • Usability planning and user interface design
  • Business rules development
  • Content management
  • Infrastructure development
  • Change and program management
  • Legacy application assessment
  • Governance development
  • Training



Enterprise Collaboration and Content

The Cognizant SharePoint Web Platform Solution allows organizations to rapidly and securely deploy, integrate and manage SharePoint-based intranets, extranets, e‑commerce portals and microsites. Through this platform, we can provide:

  • Web publishing services
  • The ability to upload, publish and share video directly from your SharePoint environment
  • SharePoint On-Demand: A one-stop solution for all cloud enablement needs of an organization. The solution eliminates hardware and associated operating costs, includes fast set-up and the ability to scale up or down as capacity requirements change.


Intranet/Internet & Enterprise Portals

  • Intranet: SharePoint is the industry leader in managing intranet Web publishing processes. It brings employees together and facilitates enterprise operations through shared information systems.
  • Internet: SharePoint’s continually expanding capabilities make it a leading content management systems for large‑scale public Web sites, enabling companies to gain greater control of sprawling Web properties.
  • Extranets: SharePoint provides the security and functionality to open up an organization’s knowledge and processes to partners and customers, creating greater efficiencies and new options for virtual business operations.
  • Enterprise Portals: SharePoint is becoming an increasingly popular means of bringing order to disparate systems through single sign‑in and a unified view of the enterprise.