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Smart Contract Security Audits: Best Practices and Vulnerability Mitigation Techniques

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Smart contracts have become an integral part of the booming cryptocurrency market. At a base level, they are automatically executing contracts coded and stored on the blockchain that provides the basis for creating all manner of functions, including building decentralized applications (dApps), creating ERC-20 tokens, and minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Read More

The Fundamentals of Contract Management

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Learn the basics of contract management.

  • Contract management is when someone takes on the responsibility of managing contracts for employees or vendors or other parties.
  • Contract managers need legal knowledge to accurately lead the contract management process.
  • Not all companies have set contract managers, but major defense firms or companies that frequently work with the government tend to use contract managers

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Opus Solution officially go live eOffice System for Ajinomoto Corporation

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Last week, Opus Solution officially go live the Online Approval & Contract Management System for Ajinomoto Vietnam Corporation. Working with a large corporation like Ajinomoto Vietnam is not only a great honor for Opus, but also an opportunity for us to learn and accumulate experience to further develop our system. Our goal is to help businesses move towards digital transformation, improving their business performance while saving costs, in the context of digital transformation being the concern of many businesses, not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Read More