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Digital Transformation For Good Shines As We Fight COVID-19

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One of the core principles of digital transformation is that it is meant to improve customer experience. But at the end of the day, humans are … wait for it … humans. Which means successful digital transformation isn’t just a company’s ability to earn customer relationship metrics. True success lies in a company’s ability to make customer’s lives better—whether those customers are buyers, patients, students, or otherwise. Digital transformation for good. It’s the next big thing in 2020 especially in the wake of COVID-19. Read More

Digitize businesses and the success stories

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Techcom Securities and Thien Minh Group on the afternoon of December 28, 2018 shared a talk about the successes of the digital transformation journey with support from Microsoft.

Digital transformation in securities finance industry

After a long time testing the Microsoft Azure platform, Techcom Securities (TCBS) decided to use Microsoft’s cloud service. In addition to the visualization capabilities of Power BI, cloud solutions support TCBS in analyzing in-depth and multi-layer data, thereby developing a system of management reports on a regular and continuous basis in real time. This makes an important contribution to the company when making timely strategic business decisions.

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Can technology replace human?

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The 4th industrial revolution is slowly changing the way we live; artificial intelligence and automation gradually replace human in many jobs. This is an opportunity but also a big challenge for technology companies.

business process automation

Automation and artificial intelligence are growing minute by minute

We are living in the most turbulent times, when automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are completed and developed minute by minute. Most recently, AI made people startled by winning the world chess champion and another AI even made a hair cut appointment after a long conversation.

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