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3 Stages of a Successful Digital Transformation

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Most digital transformations fail. Various studies from academics, consultants, and analysts indicate that the rate of digital transformations failing to meet their original objectives ranges from 70% to 95%, with an average at 87.5%. Yet, digital transformation has been at the top of corporate agendas for at least a decade and shows no sign of slowing down. On the contrary, many commentators have highlighted the accelerating impact of the Covid-19 period on digital transformation.  Read More

Demystifying Digital Transformation

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Despite popular belief, there’s nothing mysterious about the term “digital transformation.” It generally means the shift away from manual procedures to digital technologies in order to automate new or existing business processes, along with the necessary changes to organizational culture and improvements in customer experiences to meet market and consumer demands. This usually translates to creating faster, more convenient ways of doing things, and we can see it in our everyday lives. Read More

Constructing The Pathways To A Digital Enterprise

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A popular movement that has captured today’s world is the aggressive digitization of companies to spur fast-paced growth and maximize productivity. Yet the north star remains universal—to outperform competition and win customers by putting modern digital technologies to work. What appears to be lost on many companies, however, is the logical framework and the use of specific apparatuses critical to driving digital transformation. In this pursuit of digital advancement, many instances of companies going astray have been observed. Read More