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Opus Solution officially go live eOffice System for Ajinomoto Corporation

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Last week, Opus Solution officially go live the Online Approval & Contract Management System for Ajinomoto Vietnam Corporation. Working with a large corporation like Ajinomoto Vietnam is not only a great honor for Opus, but also an opportunity for us to learn and accumulate experience to further develop our system. Our goal is to help businesses move towards digital transformation, improving their business performance while saving costs, in the context of digital transformation being the concern of many businesses, not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Read More

How To Ensure Your Brand Stands Out From The Crowd In The Digital Transformation Era

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With the adoption of digital innovation, enterprises move at such an accelerated rate. Attackers have also stepped up their game, with ransomware and nation-state actors gaining ground. There has also been a dramatic change in businesses and their information technology (IT). Digital transformation impacted IT and cybercrime, thus making it important for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity to remain safe, successful and competitive.  Read More

Data As A Key Enabler For Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is a hard and long endeavor, especially for companies with legacy technology stacks, processes or cultures. However, it is no longer a discretionary initiative. Digitization is a secular trend, and the expectations from customers and associates to engage digitally are becoming table stakes. Read More

Digitizing Isn’t the Same as Digital Transformation

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If your organization is busier than ever “digitizing,” you’re not alone. Digital efforts have been proliferating for years as companies strive to catch up with technological innovation. Covid-19 massively accelerated the pace, as many of our most basic activities, from grocery shopping to “going to work” moved online.

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Digital Transformation Has Fundamentally Changed The Role Of Software

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As data flows between enterprise applications, cloud-connected or SaaS software, and IoT devices, business risk is also growing exponentially. The Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) revealed that 43% of breaches were caused by web applications, more than double the amount in 2019. As digital transformation accelerates, so does the attack surface. Recent research by my company found three out of every four software applications contain at least one security defect. The speed of software development and delivery increases through automation, meaning security must also become faster and more automated. Read More