Organize, manage, collaborate on all internal corporate documents. Integrate popular cloud storage systems like Google Drive, Dropbox.

A separate document for each department
Organize documents per department: View permissions, upload for each document

Divide scientific documents into folders
Requirements – recommendations are digitized and homogenized in common forms that make it easy to create, process, and statistics

Integrated cloud systems: Google Drive, Dropbox
Quickly handle any suggestion right on your smartphone, no matter where you are

Store all your documents on Cloud
Data is accessed anytime, anywhere with a browser

View images, documents right in the browser
Intuitive, flexible interface, quick file search

Collaborate on documents
Discuss about shared documents.

Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox
Tasken DMS helps you connect more storage space.


Document distribution

One secure solution for your entire project. Distribute documents and models instantly inside your company and with external members of your project teams.

  • Efficiency & scale

Manage millions of documents and models without limits on data or participants. Any number of files, any size, any type. Save up to 50% on document processing times.

  • Secure

With Tasken DMS, each organization gets a secure data store. Only information that is explicitly shared is available to other project members.


Replace the manual process of sending or mailing a transmittal with a digital process that accomplishes the task in a fraction of the time.

  • Streamlined process

Reduce printing time and costs by sharing files of any size. See what’s delivered and what’s outstanding with a glance at your dashboard.

  • Recover lost time

Reduce the time needed to create transmittals by 90% and cut document upload times by 50%

Drawing management

Access current and accurate drawings without searching, waiting, or working off the wrong designs – anytime, anywhere.

  • No software required

View drawings and BIM/3D models directly in your browser. Enjoy mark-up, overlay, and real-time comments.

  • Find information fast

Quickly find any document or model using powerful metadata-based tools and Google-like keywords.

Mobile access

Projects are run on-site and on the road as much as in the office. The Tasken DMS suite of construction apps gives your teams the ability to collaborate on the go.

  • Any device. Anywhere.

Your project portfolio at your fingertips – in the office or field. You can be productive wherever you are.

  • Always the latest version

You can be sure your teams are always looking at the most current version, on any iOS or Android device.

Version control

Ensure everyone on the project can access, retrieve and manage the current version of all project information.

  • Always current

Never make decisions based on outdated information, always work off the latest.

  • No “delete” button

Once information is shared, an iron-clad audit trail protects it from being accidentally lost or deleted. No more excuses!

Packages & lots

Manage vendors, bidding and contracts more efficiently by replacing paper with digital versions, automating processes, and keeping everything in one place.

  • Simplify and standardize

Get organized with one consistent format of packages across all disciplines, trades, and project partners for efficient processing.

  • Real-time status

Run status reports in real time for full “ball in court” insight at any moment.