Tasken ECM provides a comprehensive solution to easily manage the entire contract within the agency.

Contracts are the lifeblood of your organization, but deals often grind to a halt when they hit the contract stage. The longer it takes to get a contract signed, the longer it takes to receive revenue from the deal.

We can help you better manage contracts throughout their full lifecycle — from contract generation to renewal. The results are more free time, reduced operating costs and accelerated revenue. This benefits not just legal and sales teams, but everyone who deals with contracts behind the scenes, including HR, finance and IT departments… and your customers!

With Tasken ECM your enterprise can:

  • Proactively monitor contractual obligations to ensure full compliance
  • Identify, assess and automatically mitigate risk
  • Increase contract velocity with automated processes
  • Provide a single source of truth, for any contract, anywhere in the world


For the agency

  • Establish a single system to apply for contract management.
  • Lifetime contract management from the time of creation, approval, implement, renewal, audit until the termination and liquidation of the contract.
  • Standardize contract creation and censorship to accelerate contract creation.
  • Ensure more control and better compliance throughout the lifetime of the contract.
  • Overcoming common errors such as inadequate review, long contract cycle.
  • Establish and manage multi-level organizational structure and employee information. This is an extremely important function as the basis for establishing the contract approval flow.
  • Set the approval flow for each contract type, support dynamic processor setup, and approve based on the organizational structure.

For contract management staff

  • Automatic creation of tasks and reminders for each milestone of each contract such as: date of renewal, extension date, contract termination date, expiration date.
  • Monitor and perform tasks with a calendar and to-do list.
  • Quickly find the contracts you need.

For users, leaders are responsible for creating and approving contracts

  • Create contracts according to standardized patterns throughout the enterprise.
  • Receive email reminders when there are tasks have to be done.