Transform your finance organization

Bring your accounting, consolidation, planning, procurement, projects, reporting, and analytics into one financial management system. Financial management software from Tasken FMS gives you unparalleled insight and a state-of-the-art foundation for transactional efficiency and control.


Count on growth, not costs

  • Quickly gain a more complete and accurate picture of your business.
  •  Equip leaders with relevant, contextual financial insights on any device.
  •  Embrace organizational, process, and reporting changes without business disruption.
  •  Use one version of a single system across your entire organization.

A fresh approach to financial management software

Tasken FMS provides deep finance and accounting capabilities, real-time business insight, and always-on audit and internal controls.

Account for everything

Achieve new levels of financial efficiency and business performance with accounting software from Tasken FMS.

  • Quickly respond to anomalies as they happen with in-memory accounting and reporting.
  • Manage all activity with configurable out-of-the-box business processes.
  • Meet global requirements with country-specific configurations and language translations, as well as multientity, multibook, and multicurrency support.
  • Proactively adapt to internal and external changes without IT resources or costly customizations.
  • Ensure security and compliance with embedded internal controls and always-on audit features.

Anytime access to financial reports

Gain immediate visibility into your organization’s performance. Tasken FMS combines transactions and reporting to deliver interactive, dimensional insight in one system.

  • Gain complete insight with tailorable dimensions across finance, HR, and payroll.
  • Easily communicate results with dashboards, scorecards, and configurable KPIs.
  • Perform ad hoc analysis on real-time data in a familiar spreadsheet interface.
  • Stay informed wherever you are with reports and dashboards available on any device.

Consolidate and close in real time

Tasken FMS provides complete visibility into your global operations, so you can close the books and consolidate results with confidence.

  • Close faster with contextual analytics, configurable dashboards, and embedded business processes.
  • View consolidated results throughout the period with automatic eliminations and currency translations.
  • Support ownership scenarios, such as investment in a subsidiary, non-controlling interest activity, and equity pickup.
  • Consolidate results from non-Tasken FMS systems for a full view of your operations.

Control your cash flow

Streamline payment processes and gain greater visibility over your cash flow.

  • Manage all payments across your entire business with a single settlement engine.
  • Track and manage your bank accounts, including bank signatories and bank fees.
  • Automatically reconcile bank statements.
  • Gain real-time visibility into bank activity and cash position through dedicated reports and dashboards.
  • Accurately forecast cash flow with embedded analytics.

Manage your assets

Account for all your assets—from laptops and mobile phones to rights and licenses.

  • Manage the full asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal.
  • Create multiple asset books to report on and comply with different accounting standards.
  • Define, track, and account for tangible, intangible, and composite assets.
  • Track low-cost items that have high value, such as mobile devices, security badges, and so on.
  • Assign items to workers to prevent cost leakage and security risks.