Move your business in the right direction by setting and tracking comprehensive goals for all personnel and departments.


Tasken KPI offers dynamic dashboards with easy navigation across business units and reporting periods. Whether you are measuring organizational performance, objectives and metrics, goals, risks, financial resources, projects, or plans, Corporater can enable you to deliver the full story.

  • Link your KPIs to Corporate Strategy
  • Get fast and relevant insights by visualizing your overall enterprise performance
  • Contextualize your performance information
  • Manage all your KPIs in one place
  • Customize dashboards based on your individual needs
  • Drive performance through actions, workflow, and accountability

Common Functionality of Tasken KPI

Data integration Pull data from multiple sources, including Excel files, proprietary databases and commercial business platforms.
Customizable dashboards Create customized dashboards at an individual or team level so users only see the KPIs that matter to them.
Reporting Use standardized reporting templates, or customize your own, then have reports sent to stakeholders automatically as necessary.
Web accessibility Cloud-based KPI software platforms allow users to access their dashboards from anywhere.
Trend spotting Track KPI data in real time, or compare over a set timeframe to identify trends.
Automatic alerts Send notifications via email if performance tracks drastically over or under KPI goals.

Benefits of Tasken KPI

Tasken KPI offers a number of benefits to organizations both large and small:

  • It visualizes vital information at a glance. Many BI platforms can help you dig through and analyze millions of points of data. Tasken KPI helps you hone in on a few priority metrics at a time to avoid analysis paralysis.
  • It focuses your organization’s efforts. No more confusion about goals—once your KPIs are set and your team can monitor their performance against them, team members can focus on improvement.
  • It gives you a centralized view of your data. The data to measure your KPIs may be scattered between your CRM system, multiple Excel spreadsheets and a proprietary database. Tasken KPI can pull all of this information together into one centralized location.
  • It saves time on data collection. Once your data sources are integrated with the platform, Tasken KPI takes care of the rest. Gone are the days of manually updating numbers on a recurring basis.

Goal Setting

Take initiative

  • Each individual proactively establishes his or her own goals and that of the department.

Easy to measure

  • Each individual actively develops Key Results – which are key indicators for measuring success / achievement of goals.


  • All goals are aligned together and aligned to the company goal, helping the entire company focus on its strength and resources.

Strategic management


  • All goals are measured and evaluated from the manager


  • Establishing Tasken KPI gives employees the power to achieve objectives and key results based on the company’s targets.


  • Company leaders see the full status and results of all goals. Each member can see all of the goals below.

Periodic assessment

Automatic setup

  • Initialization and notification of periodic review meetings are automatically processed.

Clear information

  • Meetings are always based on accurate updates on goals.

Convenient interaction

  • Comment, take notes, send files easily in each meeting in each goal.