To help you manage your daily payments we provide you with an user-friendly online payment management system where you get full overview of all your payments.

In the management system you have access to different levels of information including, payment details, customer information, contract information etc.


Enhanced Payment Workflow

Tasken PRM offers a visual workflow within a centralized solution displaying a consolidated and simplified view of your data while integrating security protocols. Automated scheduling and release ensure timely transfers. Real-time verification increases accuracy and helps you make decisions about freeing up capital.

Global Connectivity

Tasken PRM supports all electronic payment types, from wire to tax payments and settlements. Tasken PRM can accommodate all your connectivity needs.

High Volume Payments Engine

Tasken PRM’s payment management factory is built to accommodate the most complex and high volume transfer requirements globally. Our advanced scheduling and automation reduce time spent on setting up repetitive payments, enabling you to focus on other important tasks.

Security and Compliance

Tasken PRM’s security and audit controls identify who is responsible for activity at each stage of the payment lifecycle and reduce risk. With multi-factor authentication options and up to ten levels of security, you can move your money with confidence and comply with industry standards.

Key features:

  • Payments overview and managment (activation, refund, cancellation etc.)
  • Account settings and user right management
  • Overview of agreements
  • Reports and statistics
  • Handling of recurring payments
  • Exporting files
  • Fraud handling
  • Multilingual interface


  • A range of solutions that scale from small accountancies to large payroll Tasken PRM means you can rely on a solution designed to meet your needs
  • Sophisticated formatting capabilities provide flexibility and reduce costs to your third party customers
  • File combination capabilities mean you don’t have to create the full submission file outside of your software
  • Data security functionality keeps your third-party data safe
  • Full report collection and distribution capability to keep you informed.


  • Multi-file upload that saves time by enabling Tasken PRM to upload a multi-file containing customers’ individual payments files
  • Bank account validation to verify that individual customer file bank account and sort code data is correct
  • Authorisation stages at both customer and bureau file levels
  • Downloadable reports for each customer’s transactions