Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) is a operational portal belonging to a Digital workplace. It is specifically designed for employees as a central point to operate to access cross functional resources, helpe, and processes in a consistent way to do their job.

ESS Portal is equivalent to the operation of the Intranet but is targeted specifically to operational needs rather than news and information. It provides a consistent way to access documents, get help through a central help desk, and access frequently used business processes such as informing leave request, travel requests, or reporting expense.

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  • Discover the rich ecosystem of Office 365 features, facilitating the collaboration of organizations and teams across different departments with a consistent look.
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Empower employees with self-service

ESS Portal provides employees with a consistent and easy way to access resources, services and processes without dealing with individual department. ESS Portal has three main elementss:

1. Document Central
2. Help Central
3. Process Central

No longer have to search policies infinitely, call or email the IT department for help only to get a delayed response or no feedback at all, or sign in to a numerous number of applications.

Provide consistent service

ESS Portal provides an operational portal to provide services to employees from other departments in a consistent manner. Services provided by HR, IT, Facilities and other departments provide a way to receive and track individual service requests whether it is a separate help desk, telephone or email. This can be frustrating to staff, and can draw resources and productivity from the departments.

The Help Central, an indispensable feature of the ESS Portal, offer a consistent way to request service, route it to the right place and track it at the department level, so confusion or chaos will not happen.

Organize documents and processes

Finding the latest documents or forms to complete the simplest task can be frustrating and confusing. Most importantly, it is a waste of time for employees and department staff.

Electronic Portal ESS acts as a digital filing cabinet for key business documents with search functionality. Employees can search the Document Central or review policies, forms and procedures. Departments can develop policies in their own portals and publish them directly to the Document Central. Electronic forms can be found in the Forms Catalog, where employees can download, fill out, and submit the form to the Processing Center for approval by standard processes. Managers approve forms centrally.


Part of an operational portal structure

  • ESS is part of a consistent, integrated operational portal structure
  • System integration requirements with the Help Center require departmental help desks
  • Integrate documents and forms with the Department portal

Central Hub for Documents

  • Central document repository for documents and other resources
  • Powerful searches at the title and content level
  • Popular documents are shown at top
  • Filter documents on location, role, or division

Help Central

  • Central help desk and service request system
  • Request service route to appropriate department
  • Employees can monitor the status of all requests from the Help Central
  • Flexible with specific functions for different departments

Processing center

  • Central point for frequently used business processes
  • Prebuilt time off and expenses applications
  • Automatic manual processing
  • Forms list to access electronic forms
  • Prebuilt workflow templates to automate approvals
  • Application icons can be linked to external systems

Additional services

  • Room and resource reservation calendars
  • Employee suggestion box
  • Knowledge base organization
  • Manager approval portal
  • Time off calendar

Native on Office 365 and SharePoint

  • Built on SharePoint using lists, libraries and pages
  • 100% customizable by users with permission to use the SharePoint web interface
  • Not affected by Office 365 or SharePoint Online changes

OPUS Employee Self Service Portal

  • Room and resource reservation calendars
  • Employee suggestion box
  • Organization knowledge base
  • Manager approvals portal
  • Time off calendar
  • Procurement request
  • Travel request