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The Link Between Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

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Companies have many reasons for prioritizing digital transformation initiatives. While operational efficiency and streamlining of processes are clear benefits, improving the customer experience is the most outward facing and even internally visible because of things like customer complaints, lackluster sales and customer attrition. Because of this, organizations need to ensure their digital transformation efforts put at least an equal focus on customer experience as any process or operational gains and improvements. Read More

The Biggest Risk To Digital Transformation? Underestimating The Human Factor

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While referred to as “digital” transformation, the human factor involved in this process presents the greatest risk to what is perhaps the priciest investment most organizations will make in the coming decade. What catches many leaders off guard? The degree to which humans will impact its success or failure — humans who don’t all occupy technology roles as well as those who work outside their organization. Without an understanding of this risk to any digital transformation initiative and a deliberate effort to counter it, true digital transformation and the dollars invested in it are at risk. Read More

What Digital Transformation Is, And What It Is Not

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There is a lot of talk these days about digital transformation in business, and many organizations have projects underway. As is the case with many buzzword-worthy trends, there are valuable aspects businesses can benefit from when undertaking digital transformation, as well as misconceptions that can waste time and money. Read More

The Evolution Of Digital Transformation

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The urgency of marketplace competition has long been the driver for making digital transformation a priority for enterprise organizations both large and small, in basically every industry. In recent years, the need for cloud-based digital transformation has even created a bit of a frenzy, with new products and systems showing up every week — and organizations even going as far as to create a new C-suite position, the chief digital transformation officer. In a recent IDC InfoBrief, the firm found that 54% of business owners admit the No. 1 challenge when it comes to meeting digital transformation goals is braiding all of these new solutions and projects into their everyday business. Read More

Digital transformation strategy: 6 factors to rethink post-pandemic

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After a pedal-to-the-metal year of digital transformation, it may be tempting for leaders to ease up on the gas. However, it is only a matter of time before “life happens” and we experience the next major interruption, says Greg Bentham, vice president, cloud infrastructure services at Capgemini Americas. “Now that we are emerging out of the pandemic in many parts of the world, the biggest lesson learned is that companies that had a clear digital strategy have emerged even stronger than ever.” Read More

Are SMBs invited to the digital transformation party?

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In the enterprise, digital transformation is no longer synonymous with striving toward a structural or radical change by replacing and rebuilding systems and processes. Rather, it now resembles any other business function – with the goal of enabling continuous innovation across departments.

If you’re at a small or medium-sized business (SMB), however, the stakes are different. You’re probably already pressed for technology resources and capital. Why then, would you care about turning your operations inside out and changing your fundamental ways of working? Read More

Boards Are Undergoing Their Own Digital Transformation

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The pandemic has pushed organizations in every industry to embrace new, digital solutions. But while much has been written about the impact of the shift to remote work on employees, managers, and executives, there’s another critical group that’s been forced to transform itself overnight: board members. To what extent has the rapid digitalization associated with the pandemic extended to board operations? And to what extent will those changes persist as we move towards whatever the next new normal will be?

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