How can Department Portals help to transform your business?

  • Generic portal site template
  • Staff portal for team collaboration
  • Employee service portal
  • Service request system
  • Department dashboard

Department Portals provides a basic website for deploying a custom portal to any department. It is 100% customizable using the standard SharePoint Power User Web Interface  and comes with:

A department staff portal

  • Home page
  • Announcements
  • Calendar
  • Task tracker
  • Document library
  • Dashboard

The employer portal service

  • Service request status
  • Self-Service knowledge base
  • Announcements
  • Event calendar
  • Resource links

With Department Portals, you can change existing lists, libraries, or pages. Add a new list or library to create a complete portal with many features. Need a portal for finance? Add a link to your accounting system, create a budget library, add a vendor’s contact list, or a follow-up list of collections. Use the Service Request Form for credit checks or financial approvals.

Does your business have a safety department? You you can create an incident tracking system from Service Request application by using Department Portals. Customize a list to check for safety and add a library for the latest safety regulations.