Customer support–what started as a simple channel to resolve complaints is now a strategic element in business competitiveness and sales opportunities, thanks to the advent of help desk software. Beyond addressing customer queries, help desk solutions can help companies: maintain a positive relationship with customers for repeat purchases; generate leads by mashing up queries to create insights via analytics; or provide a tactical starting point to make the business more competitive and efficient in meeting market’s needs.

However, with a slew of help desk solutions vying for your money, the landscape can be overwhelming for many companies. Don’t worry – Our Tasken Helpdesk is the right software for your needs as we are proud to provide you with a cost-effective helpdesk solution.


Overview of Tasken Helpdesk Benefits


  • Give your inbox a team-wide support by putting all your agents on board a single panel with status updates of each customer email. Agents can collaborate, help each other, and ensure no email is left unaddressed.
  • Prevent two agents shooting the same response to a single customer with Tasken Helpdesk’s proactive agent-collision detection


  • Label tickets fast and accurately and route them immediately to the right person for quick response and resolution.
  • Customize your tickets and fields with ticklers in a snap that make sense to your business


  • Automate your support from dispatching tickets to resolution, while making sure everything is categorized, assigned, and prioritized properly


  • Quickly track down customer posts about your product in social media and address issues that can escalate, or build on opportunities to promote your product
  • Support team gets visibility across Social channels

Knowledge base

  • Help your new agents provide the right answers. Tasken Helpdesk intuitively suggests answers from your knowledge base based on customer queries.
  • Make your customers more engaged by helping them sort the answers by themselves with Tasken Helpdesk self-service portal, and watch your support workload reduced


  • Build a community of passionate customers with Tasken Helpdesk by creating a section on tips, advice, shared best practices, and exchange of ideas among them.


  • Keep tab of your agents’ turnaround time for each customer and identify patterns, trends, bottlenecks, and opportunities to further improve your support


  • Set up an exceptional support system across your products; one solution for different brands

Global support

  • Support customers across different time zones and languages, with Tasken Helpdesk’s language and global time features


  • Get a complete overview of your support with drill-down tools to get to the root
  • Get customer feedback to measure your support performance with Tasken Helpdesk’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Game mechanics

  • Motivate your agents with game-inspired mechanics that keep score of their performances