Digitized to handle all request quickly, within the enterprise, saving you up to 90% of working time.

Tasken RMS is a Request Management System solution that helps organizations reduce cost and improve employee satisfaction by providing process definition, workflow automation, and visibility for areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other types of services. Basically, any department that receives requests can do it better with Tasken RMS.

Tasken RMS effectively manages the external grant request submission and approval process for multiple activity types in an ever-shifting regulatory environment. RMS allows organizations to easily track and report on a variety of request activities, providing requestors, approvers, and administrators full visibility into the grant processing lifecycle. RMS tracks the entire workflow of a grant request including registration, request submission, review and approval, contracting and payment, outcomes and financial reconciliation, and custom reporting.

Simple and Convenient

  • Quick operation. Approved with just one click

Quick search request

  • Data is stored digitally and always retrieve the necessary information.

Flexible Operation

  • Set up request forms according to enterprise needs such as request for leave, request for advance payment, request for stationery…


Request Portal

To manage all the incoming requests, your employees/partners/customers need a consistent, easy-to-use request management portal. Tasken RMS provides a personalized request portal that allows users to submit and track their requests in real-time. They can see which requests are completed, pending, or in-progress. Plus they get email alerts for changes and updates in the process.


When it comes to building and managing request forms, you need a powerful form-building solution that allows for easy form re-use and rapid development. You also need to be able to build intelligent forms with logic and customized fields. Tasken RMS  offers all that and more. Plus, our forms are automatically optimized for all mobile devices, and the built-in editor allows you to present any look and feel you want. Easily locate, copy, or add existing forms to any process.

Business Workflow

Once a request is submitted, you need to make sure it’s handled quickly and properly. Building standardized request workflows is Tasken RMS’s bread and butter. We offer the industry’s best drag and drop process designer, allowing even novices to build process workflows quickly and with whatever level of complexity is needed.


Tasken RMS tracks and maintains an audit trail of all your workflow processes, form data, and user actions. Your data and metrics are stored in a relational database. Reports and information can be displayed in real-time and scheduled for distribution when users need them.