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We will participate and in this event Opus will have a booth to present our eOffice solution to attendees.

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Vietnam Web Summit is the largest annual festival day for developers and marketers relating to Web industry. This is the chance for them to update related knowledge from the well-chosen speakers of well-known Internet & Tech companies.


100 topics from the top experts

Topics at Vietnam Web Summit 2017 (to be updated)

1. Technical (Cloud, Tech, Trending) 

Cloud Service Easy & Secure File Sharing by using JavaSripts & S3
Cloud Service Security Best Practices for Serverless Applications
Cloud Service How to scale to 10 milions users
Cloud Service DevOps overview on AWS, it’s history and principles
Cloud Service DevOPs tooling on AWS
Cloud Service How to build your website in the cloud with only $5/month
Cloud Service How to Build a Secure Cloud Service
Cloud Service Cost Optimization at Scale
Cloud Service Build realtime analysis architecture on AWS in hour
Cloud Service Introducing Performance Insights: Cloud-Based Database Performance Monitoring
Cloud Service Configuration Management in the Cloud
Cloud Service How to Deploy .NET Code to AWS from Within Visual Studio
Cloud Service Migrating Microsoft Applications to AWS
Cloud Service Save 90% on Your Containerized Workloads
Cloud Service CI/CD automation on cloud
Cloud Service CI process with AWS/Google Cloud/Azure
Cloud Service Convert and Migrate Your NoSQL Database or Data Warehouse to AWS
Cloud Service How to improve web performance through cloud technology
Cloud Service Using cloud to protect your high traffic
Cloud Service Using cloud to scale your app/web
Cloud Service Server/Hosting/Cloud what is the best solution for your project?
Cloud Service Elastic your system to optimize the cost
Cloud Service Scale, Optimization/Performance
Cloud Service Scaling exist web application with Docker on cloud
Cloud Service How to build CDN system from Cloud?
Cloud Service Scaling Your Architecture + DevOps Practices for Big Data Apps
Cloud Service Where and how to load balancing with Cloud Services?
Cloud Service Scaling exist web application with Docker
Cloud Service Learn about Auto Scaling in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
Cloud Service ASP.NET Core + Azure
Cloud Service Simplify Big Data Solution on Microsoft Azure
Cloud Service How to Build a Secure Cloud Service & Cost Optimization at Scale
Cloud Service Using Azure Machine Learning for advanced analytics, prediction and optimization.
Cloud Service Microsoft Advanced Analytics
Cloud Service Leverage Amazon EC2 Container Service to deploy microservice and save cost
Technical Build service for mobile application with ASP.Net Core
Technical The Mobile Web: State of the Union
Technical From AMP to PWA: A Modern Web User Journey
Technical The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project: What Lies Ahead?
Technical Progressive Web Apps: Fill the gap between Web and Mobile
Technical Mobile app or Webapp?
Technical Crossplatform/Native/Hybrid/Web app, which option for the project?
Technical Boost your loading speed on mobile through Google’s AMP
Technical System architecture and the journey of database in online payment
Technical Optimize database for heavy transaction
Technical Constructing an asynchronous system with high stability and performance
Technical Building link systems with multiple payment gateways
Technical The future of mobile web
Technical Microservices – Improve scalability of high performance system both vertically and horizontally
Technical Beginning with GraphQL – the ultimate solution for API
Technical MongoDB, MySql, PostgreSQL, MariaDB…which to choose for your project?
Technical PostgreSQL vs MySql
Technical 10 secrets that can help boost frontend loading.
Technical ReactJS or VueJS?
Technical Design A Scalable Social Network: Problems and Solutions
Technical PHP – PHP7: Secrets Behind Optimization
Technical Middleware in PHP
Technical Serverless architecture
Technical Should I learn .NET, PHP or Java
Technical Migration to PHP7
Technical Serious website security problem and how to fix it?
Technical Caching – Methodology & Strategies
Technical Behind Crawler Technology – Infrastructure & Technology
Technical How Social Listening works?
Technical Career path of a Java developer: Challenge and Opportunity
Technical Behind Search Bar: Infrastructure & Technology
Technical Career path of a .NET developer: Challenge and Opportunity
Technical Logging & Monitoring Microservices System
Technical High Performance Websites With Multi-level Caching​
Technical Autoscaling with Docker
Technical React native with redux saga in production
Technical What is DevOps?
Technical Analyze Data from MySQL report
Technical Behind Search Bar: Infrastructure & Technology
Technical How to become a fullstack developer?
Technical Real-world Microservice Architecture
Technical Front-End Technologies & Ecosystem
Technical How Back-End and Front-End developers working together? Why fullstack dev matter?
Trending tech What’s good about Go?
Trending tech Cassandra – How to write a high-performance application
Trending tech The Ins & Outs of Machine Learning Engineering
Trending tech Deep Learning for Data Scientists
Trending tech Effective Data Analysis to Increase Sales in E-commerce
Trending tech Improve Recommendation system by using Machine Learning
Trending tech How to start with big data?
Trending tech Understand AI from the beginning
Trending tech IoT for dummies
Trending tech How to start with Machine Learning?
Trending tech Algorithm – logical thinking to solve common mathematical problems
Trending tech Blockchain for dummies
Trending tech Apply Machine Learning to improve recommendation system
Trending tech Recommendation system –  How it suggest users?
Trending tech AR/VR for beginners
Trending tech How to start building your IoT with mobile application?
Trending tech How to start studying deep learning technology?
Trending tech All about Product Management – Views from the bottom
Trending tech Why blockchain matter?
Trending tech Spark or Hadoop for Bigdata?
Trending tech Sharing about Cryptocurrency and Token sale

2. Ecommerce (Payment, Advertising, Marketing)

Ecommerce All about A/B Testing & A/B testing tool from A to Z
Ecommerce Programmatic Advertising: Programmatic Advertising:  Future of Advertising
Ecommerce Why your advertising is not ineffective? – Reasons & Solutions
Ecommerce Optimize effectiveness of Marketing/ Advertising campaign
Ecommerce Optimize conversion rate on Ecommerce website
Ecommerce Why landing page become trending in 2017
Ecommerce Optimize Sales + SEO + Marketing in 2017
Ecommerce Affliate Marketing – How to integrate this trend?
Ecommerce How to Optimize Conversions with Google Analytics
Ecommerce Ecommerce & Beyond
Ecommerce Trends of Digital Marketing in 2018
Ecommerce How to Scale Affiliate Campaigns on Any Traffic Source
Ecommerce How to analyze data and track conversion in realtime
Ecommerce How I build a 10000 likes fanpage in 1 month with zero cost
Ecommerce Inbound/Outbound Selling
Ecommerce Traffic Generation
Ecommerce Overview about Digital Marketing in Vietnam
Ecommerce Content Marketing – How it works
Ecommerce KOLs – How to make infuencers influence your campaign effectively?
Ecommerce The era of Video: from Branding to Sales
Ecommerce Digital Marketing – Get sooner to become better
Ecommerce All about Automation Marketing
Ecommerce Sale Conversion & Funnel Conversion
Ecommerce Landing/Sale Page Optimization
Ecommerce How smart email marketing works?
Ecommerce What Digital Marketer really does?
Ecommerce Optimize SEO/ Marketing on Mobile web?
Ecommerce Managing your online presence on Google Search
Ecommerce How to assess success or failures of your UX Design?
Ecommerce Landing Page: Improve revenue & decrease converstion cost on landing page
Ecommerce Product & Marketing: Who first?
Ecommerce Data analytics and data-driven for your ecom biz
Ecommerce Marketing Research Tools for Digital Marketers
Ecommerce Native ads – The Age of Native Advertising
Ecommerce Standards of information security in online payment & banking
Ecommerce Traffic Generation – How to start
Ecommerce Data Challenges in Logistics
Ecommerce Significance of FinTech in Ecommerce
Ecommerce FinTech – Ecosystem & its significance in Ecommerce
Ecommerce AdTech – Overview the ecosystem
Ecommerce FinTech overview in Vietnam
Ecommerce Popular payment technologies in 2017
Ecommerce Adtech – How to apply new technologies to solves exist problems?
Ecommerce  Overview of omni-channel trends in Ecommerce
Ecommerce Brand marketing and performance marketing
Ecommerce Re-targeting, re-marketing and retaining
Ecommerce Messaging and Ecommerce
Ecommerce Multiple domains for your business
Ecommerce  Significance of domain in SEO/ASO and Ecommerce
Ecommerce  How to set up omni-channel for your company
Ecommerce Steps to building a Digital Marketing team from day one
Ecommerce Top Marketing weapons for your startup
Ecommerce Optimize Facebook ads in realtime
Ecommerce How messaging app changed marketing startegy?
Ecommerce How to assess effectiveness of your Marketing campaign?
Ecommerce Effective Marketing campaign – Standards & Solutions
Ecommerce Things to do when your advertisment becomes invisible
Ecommerce How to make A/B testing more effective?
Ecommerce Principles of codeshare between Web & Mobile


The exhibition will be performed by enterprises and startups. This is also the place for demo show for a lot of products, as well as technologies of businesses. Recruiting is also among the activities that bring valuable benefits to both businesses and attendees.

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