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What is a digital transformation strategy?

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It’s easy to become enamored by new technology. The possibilities behind 5G cellular service to transform how we do business are tremendous. When companies are considering how AI technology could improve business process or impact sales and customer service, there’s a tendency to start pulling levers and making changes, and yet every new technology in 2020 and beyond that into the next decade could have far-reaching implications. Read More

Digital transformation: 6 questions to get you out of a rut

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Digital transformation can fall short of business objectives for a number of reasons – so many, in fact, that if you’re stumbling, it may be difficult to determine which obstacles are tripping you up. From inadvertently missed steps, to the absence of the right people on the team, to the fatigue of continuous change, to the confusion around the term itself, digital transformation pitfalls lurk seemingly around every turn. Read More

Creating A Culture For Digital Transformation – It’s Not Only About the Software

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Ten years ago, Airbnb turned the lodging industry on its head with a digitally driven model to connect lodgers with homeowners looking to rent out space. Today, the company’s internal valuation is estimated at $36 billion. In a similar timeframe, Uber simultaneously became a noun and a verb, defining a new mode of transportation through an on-demand car-service app that uses software to connect drivers with people needing rides. Today the company is worth over $11 billion. Read More