Opus signed agreement with Hung Hau to deploy Tasken E-Office system

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In Jun 2018, representatives of Opus Solution and Hung Hau have met to sign the agreement which deploy the e-office system project, to manage the proposal as well as provide KPI solutions.

HungHau Holdings invests in businesses with strong potential for sustainable development in the fields of Agriculture; Distribution; Education; Food and Beverages. In the process of formation and development, HungHau Holdings is constantly striving to create the best products and services for its customers.

Tasken EOffice System

Tasken EOffice System

With a long-term vision, HungHau Hodlings aims to provide quality, safe products that are associated with the responsibility of contributing to sustainable social development.

In the process of business and development, Hung Hau found that it took too much time and paperwork to get work done between different departments, so an internal network that connects people and reduces intermediaries is absolutely essential.

Understanding this concern, Opus Solution has proposed Hung Hau to build an e-office system based on Tasken system, SharePoint and Office365, which demonstrates its benefits in terms of collaboration, cost-effectiveness, security, productivity, and more.

Specifically, the intranet will provide an easy and effective way to communicate in an organization.

  • Each employee can communicate with each other by using tools such as online talk, email or blogs.
  • Information on the Intranet is shared in real time.
  • Information is distributed among members on demand and it can be accessed by authorized users, resulting in team performance improvement.
  • Members can see the data and other documents by using the browser instead of having to print and distribute the copies to the team members, which will help reduce the cost.
  • An intranet is set up specifically for specific users, within an organization, so it is possible to know exactly who is using and interacting.
  • Any changes to the information are immediately reflected to all users.

During its operation, Hung Hau focuses on developing four strategic objectives:

  • Education – HungHau Education
  • Agricultural Division – HungHau Agriculture
  • Distribution Division – HungHau Distribution
  • F & B – HungHau Foods (Food) and HungHau Beverages (Beverages)

Therefore, in particular, these four divisions together with the KPI unit will be involved in the e-office system, making the full year target plan based on the BOD plan to reduce the intermediate process and cost savings.

Opus Solution will deploy the Office365, SharePoint, Tasken e-office system, based on requirements from Hung Hau as follow. Tasken is a of cloud based product solution of Opus Solution, an important part of a program, service, or product that customer company can purchase or participate in e-Offfice solution and get ready for Digital transformation with Office365. Via this agreement, Tasken will be help HungHau’s business users for:

  • Job management, KPI evaluation;
  • Survey requirements and analysis;
  • Architectural information design for Hung Hau document system;
  • Design for the KPI Appraisal System Interface;
  • Feature, BI Report & Dashboard.
  • Proposal submission and approval: Cost planning, Design information architecture for the proposed and purchase system;
  • Proposed purchase process;
  • Building reports types;
  • Training, deployment and mainternance any Azure/Office365 cloud infrastructure

Opus Solution is currently implementing the project and the Tasken system is expected to golive in October, 2018.

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