Top 10 Reasons to Become Microsoft Azure Certified Professional

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Cloud Computing services have grown to become a necessity for businesses quicker than anybody had expected. Microsoft’s Azure is a popular cloud-based service which offers hybrid compatibility that has become the preferred choice among top-tier IT companies.

Becoming Microsoft Azure certified professional can help you kickstart your career in the IT industry, and here we list ample reasons to reiterate the same:

1. Adaptability

Azure allows you to store entire websites on it, which is one of the key reasons why Microsoft recorded a market share of 31% in the cloud service industry. Azure has a strong infrastructure and coding network with ample space.

You can create high-end applications with access to several development tools. Azure cloud has stringent and safe protocols where you can host apps developed by you.

2. DevOps

Microsoft Azure certifications provide DevOps connections that can help you manage and monitor the production of applications and the process of creating them. You can create a secure application and fix all the minor bugs and issues before launching it using DevOps.


DevOps unifies quality assurance software development and operation, making it an indispensable asset. The automated processes in DevOps allow you to test the apps in various scenarios quickly and forward them for the launch. You have to learn DevOps properly to improve overall processes.

3. Security Offering

Data security is a top-most priority during Azure certification training which is testified by the usage of top tier security protocols and tools such as Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). This ensures your data is always protected on the Azure platform.

European data protection authorities have recognised Azure cloud computing services. Azure solutions has also received the ISO/IEC 27018 Certification which is the international standard for cloud privacy.

4. Career Flexibility

You can pursue high paying roles such as cloud developer, AI engineer, security engineer, cloud administrator, data engineer, and solutions architect after the completion of Microsoft Azure certification.

The nine role-based certifications from Microsoft Azure solutions allow you to be flexible with your job profiles and increase your skills as well as versatility. As a result, you can pursue a role in several industries such as finance, healthcare, insurance, banking and more.


5. Pay Hike

Microsoft Azure certification would enhance your CV and help you land better jobs despite not being a seasoned professional in the field. You can also become a senior Azure certified professional later in your career to earn even pay hikes.

6. Structured Learning

The structured learning methodology involved in Microsoft certification also opens the gate for you to learn other essential tools such as GitHub, Hadoop, Eclipse and more.

You will receive complete assistance in learning online with tutorials, eBooks and lectures and get the opportunity to understand both the theoretical and practical aspects of the process.

7. Reduction in IT costs

Unlike specialised cloud services, Azure provides a comprehensive integration of cloud infrastructure and data centres. It is thus a revelation for small- and medium-sized businesses who can host their complete infrastructure on one cloud-based service. Azure certification cost will also easily fit in your budget, and it’s worth it looking at all the perks for the future.

You will hence be able to reduce the IT costs of your company by managing your hosted assets. You will also save money on maintaining security, redesigning software and power utilisation.

8. Enterprise Agreement Support

Microsoft provides lucrative discounts on the tools and software you buy through the enterprise agreement support. These agreements can help you earn a discount of up to 45%.

If your company is big enough to provide services to 500 devices or users, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the lower rates. Such a company would also look for employees specialising in Azure, and you can get the job done for them.

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9. Improved Cloud Connectivity helps build Hybrid Solutions

Azure cloud service is integrated and dynamic, providing a wide range of connections such as content delivery networks (CDN) and virtual private networks (VPN). These hybrid connections, along with Express Route, improve usability and compatibility.

Other cloud service providers aren’t providing these services which place Azure on the top of the table.


10. Net Support

While .Net may be one of the oldest coding languages in software development, it is easily understood by experienced professionals and widely used by business enterprises. Microsoft Azure has in-built for .net applications to make it easier for both seasoned and new developers to use its functionality.

Other cloud service providers like Amazon AWS have abandoned .Net. Therefore, Azure is the trusted platform for executing .Net application for most organisations.


Microsoft Azure is an all-round cloud computing service provider that combines cost-effectiveness with compatibility. It provides an integrated service where you can get it all at one place from hosting your websites, creating apps to making the network secure.

Acquiring Azure certification can boost your chances of working with large-scale enterprises and become eligible for lucrative payouts.




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